Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions for the Factory Pattern team? Need to know why we use WordPress to build websites or what Rich’s other passion (apart from web dev) is? Go forth and peruse our FAQs (Factory Asked Questions).

  1. Why would you build my project on WordPress and not from scratch?
    In recent years WordPress has become a capable platform. It’s built on PHP and its plugin architecture allows us to easily built custom functionality on top of the core software.Software built from scratch can suffer from the following problems:

    • Lack of thorough testing
    • More defects
    • Potentially harder to maintain
    • Little documentation
    • Ties you to the creator

    WordPress powers over 14% of the top 1 million websites on the Internet, so it benefits our clients to use it because:

    • It’s really easy to use
    • It’s tested really thoroughly in the real world
    • It’s upgraded regularly
    • It’s secure (and not just through obscurity)
    • There’s loads of help and documentation
    • You can use anybody who can develop on WordPress
    • There’s loads of additional functionality available for free and off-the-shelf


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  2. Isn’t WordPress a blogging platform?WordPress used to be a blogging platform. Changes introduced in the last 5 or so years have made it a much more robust and feature-rich Content Management System (the introduction of “Pages” as well as the original “Posts” for example).WordPress is used as a Content Management System by around 14% of the Internet, so it’s quite capable as both a CMS for a website and a blog.

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  3. Don’t all WordPress websites look like WordPress websites?It’s true that there are design patterns that are often shared in themes on Content Management Systems. We avoid this by building on WordPress, using it only as the engine behind the website. We’re keen to ensure that the design isn’t adversely influenced by the way it’s eventually built (as the latter should follow the former).Because we design our websites with the client in mind, we don’t really come across this problem.(Links to client examples below)