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WordCamp London

Creating Content That Matters
by Render Positive on 21 March 2015

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Transcript of WordCamp London

WordCamp London
Creating Content That Matters

The Benefits
Paid Social Seeding
Building Links to Benefit your Domain
Creating great content that journalists will link to, even if it's not strictly concerning your product, will benefit your whole website.

Saving Good People From Bad Marketing
Expect more from your agency

What Works?
We need to create content that has mass-market appeal. The more people that share your content, the more of your target audience we get in front of.
Generation of increased strong positive brand affinity as people enjoy engaging with your outstanding content
You provide consumers a reason to actually want to follow your social media profiles - meaning more engaged fans / followers
You can increase your opt-in mailing list database significantly
Acquisition of digital PR coverage in a diverse range of authoritative sites
Acquisition of high authority links. Delivering traffic directly and improving your Google positioning for all your targeted search terms - increasing your organic traffic substantially
Acquisition of mass voluntary social media sharing of your outstanding content and your brand
Positions your business as innovative marketers and as a result people perceive your entire business as dynamic, smart and innovative
Content Stunts actually
in value without any further investment as they acquire more social shares and links over time!
Monitor the news cycle
Make difficult topics easy to digest
Optimise headlines for emotion
Innovate visually
Make Data Exciting and Create a Story
Prove someones point
Pick a contentious issue
Have a spectacular prize
Appeal to the majority
Use persuasion science
Premarket your ideas!

Technical SEO is still vitally important.

However, to make long term, incremental, and downright impressive gains in organic search visibility, targeted traffic and conversions - you
to acquire genuine, editorially granted links from real journalists

Content Marketing achieves this aim perfectly and is fully endorsed by Google. It also provides a whole host of other marketing and branding benefits!
Peform a sector content audit using the Google sheet on the Render Positive blog
Great content doesn't need to be visually beautiful and interactive, but that does give you an advantage
Our rules of thumb work for ideas but there will be others
Use persuasion science in your emails so busy journalists and bloggers (well, anyone you want to reach) actually read and respond to your messages positively
Write at least 25 headlines per content piece and decide on the best
Premarket all ideas to key journalists and bloggers, if they don't think it's a good idea, you're not going to get the mass coverage you need
Use paid social to target the fans of competitors, complimentry businesses but also relevant blogs, newspapers, and magazines. Offering spectacular content is far less intrusive than an advertisement
Take a look at the proof:
£9-£13 per click to bid on this term on Google AdWords!

Symantec have the top organic position and have for years!
Developing a
Content Strategy

Featured in The Independent and on Channel4 News, as well as large education publications with high quality links pointing to the ITNSource website
Mass social media sharing
Usage as a sales tool by ITNSource's sales team
Currently Ranking Highly in Google for These Targeted Search Terms:
“Interactive Technology Timeline” – 5th
“Interactive Science Timeline” – 2nd
“Science and Technology Timeline” – 4th
“Science Video Timeline” – 4th
“Technology Video Timeline” – 4th
Featured in TheTimes, LondonLovesBusiness as well as local London borough newspapers, all with links pointing to our clients website
Mass social media sharing
Increased organic Google traffic by 34%
Featured in Time Out London, TNT and other publications - with links pointing to
Mass social media sharing
Gained links a serviced office space providor couldn't normally get!
Increased organic Google traffic 24%
Featured on,, (above), DesignTaxi, Alltop and a plethora of other gigantic, authoritive websites - all with links pointing back to
Search for "Persuade and Influence Infographic" to see full scale
Really positive PR for Everrreach
Mass social sharing - 13k shares from alone
30'000 entries to their competition with a 30% opt-in email rate
Featured on prominent travel blogs as well as competition sites and the authority site,
Further positioned Quark Expeditions as the expert on all things Arctic related!
4th in Google for "Guide to the Arctic"
Featured in London Evening Standard, LondonLovesBusiness, LBC, Time Out TNT, London Economic and many other sites - all with a link back to
Mass voluntary social media sharing
Featured in London Evening Standard's print edition too
Increased organic traffic from Google by 34%
Identity and research new key influencers to develop relationships with

The content strategy doesn't need to cast iron. It is subject to change based on what works, events that happen in the real world and new ideas that come up in the fun brainstorms you'll have regularly.

It is the most fun marketing I've ever been involved with and consumers actually enjoy consuming it. I'll place a link on
my Twitter feed to this Prezi. Please get the ball rolling.
This process will work and you'll enjoy doing it.

Target followers of competitors, complimentary organisations or relevant publications
Interview Entertaining Experts In Your Field
Show You Can Hold Your Own With Them!
Evergreen Content
We rank top in Google for "How to get a job in digital marketing"
We now rank top in Google for "Rory Sutherland Interview"
With LinkedIn, you can target by job title, seniority, company size, location and other variables.
What Doesn't Work
Main Pointers
Content Auditing
What got shared in your sector
What failed
Find key bloggers and journalists
Give people 1 week to prepare. Send the subject area and goals of the campaign in advance
Send the content audit so people can see what is working in your market
Get a whiteboard
Anything goes
Need subject matter experts involved
Look at what has worked in other sectors, could you do something similar?
Narrow down the ideas after the meeting
These ideas mean absolutely nothing yet- just because the agency and client love them is irrelevant!
Influencer Research
Getting Noticed
6 Elements of the Science of Persuasion
1. Reciprocity
2. Scarcity
3. Authority
4. Consistency
5. Liking
6. Consensus

Boring Industry?
Optimise for key terms if search positioning is a goal
Use the 'curiosity gap'
There's tons more than can be done here - and it's something Render Positive is aiming to get better at - but these two are the most obvious.
Competitor Analysis
Databases, E.g. Agility from PRNewsWire
Use the Science of Persuasion in your email copy
Premarket ideas. Create sketches not full projects
Be genuine, show you actually know what the journalist or blogger writes about
Use social media to develop relationships
Follow up on the phone!
For digital publications, don't send press releases anymore. Print press still use them

Remember, journalists have targets for traffic, page views and social shares - this is a mutually beneficial relationship.
Stand Out
Consumers are bombarded with content just like they are with advertisements.

The brain recognises patterns, and just like we don't remember bad adverts, content that isn't unique and interesting, entertaining, controversial, humourous or useful will not get clicks, shares, PR or links.

020 7622 1079
Where The Process Begins
Ads Pretending To Be Infographics
What Doesn't Work
Too Niche
1. Why Content Marketing Rocks
2. The Principles of Success
3. The Process of Success
I Want To Show You
Who Are We?
Digital Marketing Agency in Clapham, South London

We are a full service digital agency who have mastered effective content marketing.

We are 5 Years old in May and have 20 Staff.

Our clients include Symantec, Hewlett Packard, ITNSource, Channel4,
Angels Fancy Dress and a whole bunch more.

We're owned by 2 brothers, Jon (me!) and Gary Buchan.

We founded Render Positive to run the type of agency we wanted to work at. We love it.

We know how to get our clients fantastic results using creativity, compelling logic and rigid processes to ensure success.
Level of Comments on Blog Posts
Domain Authority
Social Media Following
Readership Figures
Mastering these principles has made my life so exciting - I can open doors whenever I want. The only factor is how much time and effort I decide to put in.
This is an email I got yesterday. I get a lot of these.
Today is about content marketing - but you're also going to learn about a skill that can change your life if you master it. Let me tell you what it's done for me...
Stay In Touch
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