Best Practices for eCommerce Shopping
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8 best practices tips for eCommerce shopping baskets

Abandoned shopping carts are an eCommerce nightmare. Cancelling out your investment in building website traffic and leads. This guide explores best practice for shopping baskets to turn this around and grow your sales. Finding ways to boost eCommerce ux success must focus on the effectiveness of your digital shopping basket. Abandoned shopping carts are a […]

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Website design Fundementals
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What are the fundamentals of Responsive Web Design?

Optimising your website to adjust to different viewing methods – intuitively and automatically – is a commercial necessity. This guide explores four basics of responsive website design to keep your engagement and lead conversion buoyant. Well over 50% of eCommerce sales now come from the billions of mobile phones people use according to 2018 results. […]

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Ecommerce SEO
Digital Marketing

SEO vs PPC: what is the difference?

Many companies find themselves asking ‘which is best: Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click?’. Understanding the differences between eCommerce SEO and PPC can help you to decide the right time and way to invest in digital search strategies. What’s the basic difference between SEO and PPC? Not doing SEO is like standing in the […]

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User Research
User Experience

What is user centred design?

User Centred Design can underpin any form of innovation. It can personalise products, processes, printed materials and digital entities by putting the user right at the heart of everything. But what is UCD in website terms? User Centred Design involves weaving end-users into the entire lifecycle of website planning and development. In fact, UCD is […]

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How to optimise product pages to increase sales
Conversion Rate Optimisation, SEO

How to optimise product pages to increase sales

You don’t necessarily need a complete overhaul of your eCommerce website to improve its effectiveness. Just a few series of small changes can have a tangible impact on your online retail sales. eCommerce businesses can have a product portfolio that’s potentially profitable and attractive to consumers, yet still have poor sales. That’s often true when […]

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Ecommerce Trends
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Top 5 new eCommerce trends to watch

The second half of 2020 provides eCommerce ventures with abundant opportunities for growth. Not least as the COVID-19 pandemic created an upsurge in buying online. What other eCommerce ux trends should you consider or reconsider? Unlike many business sectors, online retailers don’t need to throw away their existing Business Plans for 2020 and beyond. However, […]

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