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Latest website technology for 2020

With the next decade just a few weeks away, it’s no surprise that technology experts, website designers and industry workers alike are looking towards precisely what 2020 will bring in terms of website technology. After all, over the last ten years, websites have evolved from functional, yet essential, tools to complex and highly productive systems […]

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10 best social media tools for 2020

Social media platforms are fast becoming the best places to reach your clients and customers. Quality content is what attracts potential clients to your site. However, there’s no point in creating killer content, tweets and Instagram and Facebook posts if you can’t streamline the process and manage online interactions. Having the right social media management […]

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The future of UX research in 2020

Having ‘2020’ vision over your website performance is vital. The new year is upon us, but the need to constantly evaluate and improve User Experience (UX) never gets old. Especially if you resolve to boost your lead conversion rate over the next 12 months. This article sums up some of the UX research trends predicted […]

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New year 2020
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A New Year, what should you update on your website

The need to keep your website fresh and dynamic is now universally appreciated. What updates should you do for the New Year, to make sure your digital profile provides measurably good results, constantly in 2020? The imperative to regularly update security features on your website never gets old! You should also consider getting back to […]

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UX Research for Start-ups & Small Businesses

As the owner-manager of a small business – especially a start-up-venture – you will be bombarded with diverse ideas and initiatives to market your products and services. You will no doubt have a relatively small budget to create and maintain your website and promote your business online. This tends to make people focus almost entirely […]

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