Cheltenham Design Academy
The Factory Floor, Web Design

Teaching web design at the Cheltenham Design Academy

The Cheltenham Design Academy helps young people develop their creative potential through a free Saturday school. During the academic year, a group of local 14-16 year olds explore their creative potential in a series of modules covering such diverse areas as graphics and photography, engineering and architecture. All classes are taught by experienced professionals working […]

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scare you into digital marketing
Digital Marketing

5 scary stats to scare you into digital marketing

No time to go out trick or treating tonight, we’ve listed 5 scary stats below to scare you into digital marketing and encourage you to get your message out there, engage with people and push traffic to your website. 5 scary stats to scare you into digital marketing 63% of consumers need to hear company claims 3-5x before […]

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Hobbs House Bakery

Ecommerce website design inspiration

The world of ecommerce is shifting at an incredible pace and sometimes it feels difficult to keep up with the latest in ecommerce website design trends. Web design plays a huge role when people are considering buying from you, that’s because it increases the perceived value of your products or services. So when it comes to […]

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1 billion websites
Web Design, Web Development

How Many Websites in the World? 1 Billion

There are over 1 billion websites in the world (as of September 2014). That’s a lot of information to digest. Google answers our questions in milliseconds. As a result we’ve got into the habit of scanning (not reading) websites. We’re only allowed 140 characters per Tweet. We push 400 million tweets a day, should we only be […]

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Hobbs House Bakery webpage
Web Design

One freshly baked website for Hobbs House Bakery

We don’t know what was more exciting about launching the new Hobbs House Bakery website, meeting the Fabulous Baker Brothers or enjoying our cake fuelled meetings! The Hobbs House Bakery gang are a great bunch, and it was brilliant to work with all the family. Tom & Henry (AKA The Fabulous Baker Brothers) were very […]

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