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Being resourceful with your digital marketing

Being resourceful is not only about making the most impact with the least outlay, it’s also about understanding that just because you can doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Here’s an example close to home; Factory Pattern is active on Instagram. As such, we’d like that content to appear on our blog (which provides gives both […]

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Digital Strategy

Too many goals

“I find companies who start out with too many goals to meet also minimizes each action or result.” This advice applies not only to your business as a whole, but also your digital marketing efforts – in particular your website. In the planning phase of a website we define the priorities for each major section […]

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Who cares what your customers want?

Profile your customer, target their needs and increase sales. How do you make sure you sell more products or generate more business leads from your customers? You directly target the needs of your customers and give ’em what they want. But this is easier said than done. Most new companies may not have any idea […]

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