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    Build your ecommerce PPC knowledge with the Factory Pattern PPC blog. We share top tips and best examples to inspire your next campaign.

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  • How to track marketing campaign traffic with GA4

    9 / May, 2023
    If you want to know how to track your marketing campaign traffic in GA4, you’ve come to the right place. After years of using UA, it took us a minute to figure out how to get the same information ou...

    Top PPC management tools for ecommerce to track success

    11 / April, 2023
    Before we get stuck into the top PPC management tools for ecommerce, let’s talk quickly about why tracking your PPC success is important. Here are the four main reasons you should be checking in...

    6 Ways to boost ecommerce sales from web agency experts

    4 / April, 2023
    If you’ve got an existing ecommerce store and you’ve noticed a dip in sales or you want to start taking it to the next level, our web agency experts can help. In this article, our team of ...

    4 Step Meta (Facebook) ad audit to supercharger their performance

    21 / March, 2023
    When it comes to social media paid marketing, Meta, formally Facebook, is still one of the most widely used by marketers. But it’s not always the easiest landscape to navigate. So if you’re st...

    Ecommerce marketing terms every marketer should know

    13 / December, 2022
    Most industries will have their fair share of technical terms, acronyms and jargon, and ecommerce marketing is up there with an incredibly long list. Getting to know all of the ecommerce terms out the...

    How do you Calculate a Conversion Rate?

    11 / October, 2022
    One of the key terms and KPIs used by digital marketers to measure performance on an ecommerce website is by tracking the conversion rate. And in this blog we’ll answer that burning question, ho...

    What is a Good ROAS? Guide & Calculator

    20 / September, 2022
    ROAS benchmarks across different industries, in this article we will explain the best ROAS ratios to look for and how you can calculate them. ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) helps you understand how profita...

    Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics: Making the Switch

    12 / July, 2022
    If you’re marketing analytics nerds (like us) you’ll know that Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the new replacement for Google Universal Analytics (UA), and that UA will stop processing new hits as...

    What does ecommerce PPC management include?

    11 / January, 2022
    As an ecommerce brand, driving growth and increasing revenue are the main goals. One of the best ways to achieve those goals is via pay-per-click advertising. In this article, we look at ecommerce ppc...

    What is ecommerce ppc management and why do you need it?

    3 / December, 2021
    PPC Management for ecommerce businesses is a great way to grow your online sales and reach your target audience as they navigate the internet. But before we start, what do we mean by ecommerce PPC? PP...

    PPC for ecommerce sites: Which platform is right for you?

    26 / November, 2021
    When you have an eCommerce business, one of the things you need to think about is the different PPC (pay-per-click) advertising platforms available to you as an ecommerce store. Here, we will be looki...

    7 warning signs when looking for PPC services

    19 / October, 2021
    When you are looking for pay-per-click (PPC) services, there are certain warning signs to look out for. Here, we will be exploring seven things to look out for before you decide on the right agency fo...
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