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Advice and know-how for driving results with Ecommerce PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns with Google Ads, Facebook/Instgram ads and Bing Ads.

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5 reasons to use PPC advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) involves using various advertising opportunities linked to your organisation’s keywords – primarily on Google or Facebook. Done right, it can boost your sales. However, it’s not without its challenges. So why do PPC and in specific eCommerce PPC? Boosting your organic exposure and ‘searchability’ by using supplementary Pay Per Click advertising […]

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How to calculate roas for ecommerce ads
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How to calculate roas for ecommerce PPC ads

Knowing the potential value of online advertising is vital to avoid expensive misfires and mistakes. Factory Pattern’s simple guide to understanding ROAS – Return on Advertising Spend – helps to ensure your ecommerce PPC and other campaigns are effective. In the hunt for ever-improving sales volumes, eCommerce ventures (and in fact all businesses) can fall […]

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Why Google Adwords
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Why Google Adwords Needs to be Part of Your Marketing Plan

Agility and a fast route to market are 2 great reasons why google Adwords needs to be part of your marketing plan. When people think about Google Adwords and PPC (pay-per-click) adverts, they tend to be focused on the raw numbers. That’s not surprising given it’s called ‘pay-per-click’. However, you should be less concerned with the […]

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