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  • Ahrefs v Screaming Frog – what an Ecommerce SEO Agency thinks

    25 / July, 2023
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital aspect of any successful e-commerce business and a valuable tool for ecommerce SEO agency teams. To achieve higher visibility, increased organic traffic, an...

    Complete on-page SEO audit checklist

    19 / April, 2023
    Before I get into how you do an on-page SEO audit, I’ll quickly explain why you would need to do one. So, search engines like Google use keywords, images, headers, and other elements of your website...

    What Google’s helpful content update means for ecommerce marketing

    27 / December, 2022
    Google periodically rolls out updates to meet the ever-evolving needs and demands of its users, most recently, the Helpful Content Update. We’ve reflected on the update, and what it means to digital...

    Brighton SEO Conference Review 2022

    29 / November, 2022
    The digital marketing department at Factory Pattern has come back from their trip to the Brighton Seo conference full to the brim with inspiration. So, we thought we’d share some of the highlights f...

    Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics: Making the Switch

    12 / July, 2022
    If you’re marketing analytics nerds (like us) you’ll know that Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the new replacement for Google Universal Analytics (UA), and that UA will stop processing new hits as...

    Are Ecommerce SEO Services Worth it?

    28 / June, 2022
    Did you know that on average, moving up one spot in the search results will increase click through rate (CTR) by 30.8%? That’s according to BackLinko who conducted research on the organic click thro...

    What Ecommerce SEO Services Do You Need?

    17 / May, 2022
    Although all ecommerce websites could benefit from a thorough SEO strategy, figuring out what specific services your website is crying out for is a different matter. Not to worry though, as we’ll be...

    Underused SEO strategies for ecommerce stores

    15 / March, 2022
    If you’re looking to grow your organic traffic, these underused SEO strategies for ecommerce stores could be just what you need. We’ve spoken at length in previous blogs about SEO strategy, includ...

    Keyword Research For Ecommerce: 3 Methods You May Not Have Tried

    18 / January, 2022
    One of the building blocks for SEO work is to undertake keyword research. But if you’re an online store, how does keyword research for ecommerce differ to other types of websites? While there are a ...

    How to write an SEO Strategy

    4 / January, 2022
    With the New Year approaching, it’s time to put plans into place to fuel your business’ growth in the New Year. For driving organic traffic, you need to write an SEO strategy for ecommerce website...

    Ecommerce SEO strategy for 2022: What to prioritise and what to leave behind

    23 / November, 2021
    The end (of 2021) is nigh and it’s time to work on your ecommerce SEO strategy for 2022 – but what should you focus on? In this article, we’re going to share our insights of what we’ve lea...

    5 misconceptions about working with an eCommerce SEO agency

    27 / September, 2021
    SEO is not marketing ‘dark arts’, designed to cheat Google algorithms. Nor is it a dazzling, jargon-packed process that comes with a hefty price tag. Here, we kill myths about eCommerce SEO agenci...
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