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Website Technology 2019
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Latest Website Technology For 2019

There’s much talk of the rapid advance of website technology for 2019. Designers and builders are taking the most attention-grabbing and effective developments in emerging tech, to create a new breed of website. It seems like yesterday that the whole concept of a well-functioning website was shiny and new. The idea of embedding video content […]

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Website speed begins with the designer, not the developer

Want to convert website visitors into customers? The speed that a website loads will have a huge impact on customer conversion. If your website loading speed is slower than a herd of turtles, then it’s generally down to a web developer to deal with. This isn’t fair. It’s not only the job of developers to […]

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User Experience, Web Design

Book review – Prioritizing Web Usability

For world book day, I’ve reviewed a book that I’m currently reading – Prioritising Web Usability. Whether you’re learning more about user experience or just delving into it for the first time, this book is for you. Prioritising Web Usability was published in 2006, so even though it’s 9 years old, the user experience principles and theory […]

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Cheltenham Design Academy
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Teaching web design at the Cheltenham Design Academy

The Cheltenham Design Academy helps young people develop their creative potential through a free Saturday school. During the academic year, a group of local 14-16 year olds explore their creative potential in a series of modules covering such diverse areas as graphics and photography, engineering and architecture. All classes are taught by experienced professionals working […]

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1 billion websites
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How Many Websites in the World? 1 Billion

There are over 1 billion websites in the world (as of September 2014). That’s a lot of information to digest. Google answers our questions in milliseconds. As a result we’ve got into the habit of scanning (not reading) websites. We’re only allowed 140 characters per Tweet. We push 400 million tweets a day, should we only be […]

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