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How to keep visitors on your website

Bounce rates can be the bane of your existence. After investing considerable sums in a fabulous looking website, it’s frustrating to realise that visitors are clicking away far too quickly, far too often.You have around 15 seconds to grab and hold the attention of website traffic. Most site visitors will stay less than that. Your […]

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What should your website footer include?

Every square centimetre of your website design is significant and helps you to meet your business goals. Making sure your website footer has been curated to increase your website user experience is crucial but more importantly, the need understand what not to include in your website footer can be just as crucial. Okay, so modern [...]

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Website jargon, understanding basic website terms

Designing and building effective websites often means bringing in professionals! However, having a good grasp of some of the terminology makes it easier to talk to web designers with confidence and clarity. Especially as digital acronyms can seem like some sort of secret language for ‘techies’! You may find yourself in a meeting to discuss […]

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Latest website technology for 2020

With the next decade just a few weeks away, it’s no surprise that technology experts, website designers and industry workers alike are looking towards precisely what 2020 will bring in terms of website technology. After all, over the last ten years, websites have evolved from functional, yet essential, tools to complex and highly productive systems […]

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