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What are the fundamentals of Responsive Web Design?

Optimising your website to adjust to different viewing methods – intuitively and automatically – is a commercial necessity. This guide explores four basics of responsive website design to keep your engagement and lead conversion buoyant. Well over 50% of eCommerce sales now come from the billions of mobile phones people use according to 2018 results. […]

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What are the benefits of using templates to design a website?

It’s possible to create a new website design quickly, and with the minimum of stress and headaches, if you base your pages on an existing template. The trick is to find the right website template and make it your own. For an advanced, truly unique and high-functioning website, approaching leading website designers and developers who […]

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What do ‘web design services’ involve?

Designing a website goes deeper than just physical appearance. Yes it needs to be a perfect visual representation of your business, but if it doesn’t perform as intended that will reflect badly on your brand.The expression web design is something of a misnomer. It suggests sketching out the appearance of the site and mapping its […]

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Choosing the right colour combinations for your website

There’s a whole science behind the meaning and impact of colours. We all know the obvious ones, red symbolises danger, and ironically also love and passion, but when it comes to choosing the right colour combinations for your website the process is more considered. Familiarising yourself with the emotional and mental implications of different colours […]

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How to keep visitors on your website

Bounce rates can be the bane of your existence. After investing considerable sums in a fabulous looking website, it’s frustrating to realise that visitors are clicking away far too quickly, far too often.You have around 15 seconds to grab and hold the attention of website traffic. Most site visitors will stay less than that. Your […]

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What should your website footer include?

Every square centimetre of your website design is significant and helps you to meet your business goals. Making sure your website footer has been curated to increase your website user experience is crucial but more importantly, the need understand what not to include in your website footer can be just as crucial. Okay, so modern [...]

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