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GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy for Your Website
Well done WordPress, Wordpress

Heroes, WordPress Swing in With a GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy for Your Website

In their latest update to WordPress, Automattic (creators of WordPress) have kindly created a GDPR proof privacy policy. This is very generous and an important step toward the future. Not only have WordPress added a GDPR proof privacy policy template, but they’ve also included a privacy section within WordPress itself, which asks you to define […]

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Well done WordPress

Quickly add a link in WordPress

Well done WordPress… You’ve made it really easy to add a link to text & images! Go and grab (copy) the link you want Highlight the word or image that you’d like to add the link to Hit the CMD + V keys to paste the link Hey presto! A link is added to your content […]

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Building a membership site with WordPress

It has to be said, you can build any type of website with WordPress and recently we’ve been building membership sites using said platform (WordPress). Membership websites such as online job boards, competitions and sites which serve up ‘member only’ content are an excellent challenge to build, as there are plenty of challenges to consider. The challenges […]

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how to post a blog on wordpress

How to post a blog on WordPress

In this guide, we show you how to add a new post to WordPress. At the core of WordPress is it’s fantastic blog. We show you how easy it is to add a new post and also give some guidance on best SEO practices as well. Here’s how to post a blog on WordPress Log […]

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Wordpress Development
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5 FAQs about WordPress development – answered

Often people ask us why we think WordPress development is the key to building amazing websites. In a nutshell – the WordPress platform is the most flexible and intuitive platform to develop upon, and on a daily basis, it’s very easy to use. Both of these reasons benefit us and clients. WordPress benefits us because we have […]

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1 billion websites
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How Many Websites in the World? 1 Billion

There are over 1 billion websites in the world (as of September 2014). That’s a lot of information to digest. Google answers our questions in milliseconds. As a result we’ve got into the habit of scanning (not reading) websites. We’re only allowed 140 characters per Tweet. We push 400 million tweets a day, should we only be […]

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Website Speed
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Speeding up the Factory

It’s our thinking that all websites should come with a “Common Sense” amount of Search Engine Optimisation. In our minds, a well structured, well built website should rank well in a search engine. Google wants their customers to get through to great content but that’s only part of the puzzle. As far back as April […]

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