Being resourceful with your digital marketing

Being resourceful is not only about making the most impact with the least outlay, it’s also about understanding that just because you can doesn’t necessarily mean you should.


Here’s an example close to home; Factory Pattern is active on Instagram. As such, we’d like that content to appear on our blog (which provides gives both SEO value and a content-rich blog). By the way, we’d probably also need a somewhat automated process so we don’t have to check through every photos before publishing it.

We could spend time building or sourcing a plugin that does just what we want, checking Instagram for updates on multiple accounts, pulling in appropriate photos with their information and creating posts from them. Instead of spending hours building something, what if we could each set something up easily & quickly that doesn’t need to be technically challenging? offers the ability to create “recipes”, triggered by events (such as an email) which automatically perform actions (such as creating a blog post). The service integrates nicely with Instagram, allowing us to set up a recipe which looks for Instagram photos tagged with #factoryphoto on our own account and posting the resulting photo to the Factory Pattern blog.