Why Google Adwords Needs to be Part of Your Marketing Plan

Agility and a fast route to market are 2 great reasons why google Adwords needs to be part of your marketing plan.

Why Google Adwords

When people think about Google Adwords and PPC (pay-per-click) adverts, they tend to be focused on the raw numbers. That’s not surprising given it’s called ‘pay-per-click’.

However, you should be less concerned with the pay-per-click you’re spending on your ads (within reason of course) and be more focused on the agility Google Adwords PPC offers you as a major plank of any marketing strategy.

Super Fast, Agile Marketing

Marketing strategies are often awkward, cumbersome plans that take months to plan and even longer to execute. While this is all well and good, you should be open to the flexibility afforded to you with an agile and reactive PPC approach.

This is why Google Adwords is so great; you can advertise a product, highlight an event, or simply test out some branding all in less than a day.

What other marketing strategies let you do that?

Why Google Adwords is More Than Just Getting Conversions (Sales)

This leads to another common misconception about PPC, namely that it is entirely focused on conversions. While it certainly can be, it is much more flexible than that.

As previously stated, smart PPC usage can boost brand awareness, A/B test, advertise events, or simply boost awareness. That’s not to say it’s easy, but it can be quick if your team are well versed in paid search best practice.

Find New Customers

Another advantage of PPC is the granular nature of the analytics it provides. You can see a clear picture of the users who go on to convert and the users who go on to come back.

And, after all, isn’t the point of any business to grow its customer base? This lets you play around with tactics, and see the PPC approaches that are garnering results and bringing people to, and back to, your website.

You even have the ability of geographically specific PPC plans to see if different markets in different places respond differently or not.

Using promo codes in your PPC is another way to track conversions and offer specific marketing to specific demographics that you are desperate to crack.

Getting Started with Google Adwords / PPC

While it can seem daunting to those unfamiliar with PPC, taking advantage of it as a discrete element of any multi-channel marketing strategy can bear enormous fruit.

Just make sure you are as agile as you can be, and you’ll soon see the rewards compared to more traditional SEO.

For more guidance on implementing a Google Adwords PPC strategy, get in touch with us today.