Ecommerce design inspiration 2019

Discover the best ecommerce design inspiration in 2019. These ecommerce sites stand out from the crowd, yet deliver an engaging, usable experience. Enjoy!

Featured Ecommerce Websites (in no particular order)

Won Hundred

Won Hundred is a stand out Danish fashion brand and their all-time favourite fabric is denim.

The e-commerce site features striking imagery, a visible and easy to navigate grid and a folding menu.

They keep you informed on product availability from the listings pages too so you’ll know if you can get your size before clicking through to the individual product page.


Won Hundred – who wants to be boring? No one.


Magu is a newly establish food tech startup who manufacture a health-friendly, raw alternative to chemically-produced energy drinks in 5 different flavours.

Their colourful but minimalist e-commerce site scrolls you effortlessly through a 4 step info gathering process.

The store has a beautifully simple layout and as you go through the flavours, each one is subtly highlighted with its own unique background colour. This technique allows you to taste the flavour, even though you can only see it on screen.


Magu – I can taste the drinks just from looking at the website

Hinderer & Wolff

Hinderer & Wolff is a new Alsatian wine brand. The website has a 3D effect allowing you to navigate both vertically and horizontally through the site. The result of this is that you’re fully immersed in authentic Alsace and explore their wines your way.


Obachan – I love it when you find a bottle of wine in the woods


Obachan is all about timeless and unique Japanese gifts to provide the perfect Japanese experience.

This clean and crisp website uses the perfect amount of white space to highlight products and thoughtfully navigate through the pages.


Obachan – who doesn’t want a waving cat?


This American footwear brand only makes timeless and comfortable shoes for women.

With a mix of photography, bold colour and geometric shapes, the website is every bit as sophisticated it’s female audience.

There’s even a quiz to help you find your perfect style!


Margaux – shoes that keep your toes warn and give you confidence


Jonesy is a New York-based bralette and undies brand who are taking simple ecommerce design to the next level.

Their product category pages couldn’t be clearer, with large product images, size and colour options.

There’s zero clutter on this site, only big bold images and call to actions are allowed.


Jonesy – cheeky and very real photography, refreshing and human

Smash Mallow

Smash Mallow make gluten-free, organic marshmallow snacks.

Their website is packed full of personality using a mix of fun illustration and photographic to tell the Smash Mallow story.


Smash Mallow – I need a Marsh mountain!

What makes these ecommerce sites stand out?

Each of the ecommerce sites featured in this article are truly amazing. But what makes them stand out? Listed below 2 are techniques that have been used in all the ecommerce examples to deliver a great user experience:

1. Striking simplicity

Striking imagery (photos and illustration) and simplicity in the design let the products shine through. For example, Margaux use large images of shoes so that they’re almost life-like in size; it’s almost like you’re holding a pair of shoes in your hands.

In contrast, Jonesy use photography which demonstrates both their products and their personality. Notice that they don’t just have bras cutout on a white background. Instead, they provide very authentic photos of women wearing the bras, demonstrating the product in use.

2. Exceed expectations

In the world of ecommerce it’s tricky to let your users know what to expect. Sure a product photo or 2 may give you an idea of what the product looks like, but is that enough? No.

Magu exceed expectation, every one of their product pages are carefully crafted to communicate the flavour of the drink.

With a combination of sharp product photography, background colour (to match the flavour) and floating animation tells me that this drink is going to be a very natural and refreshing drink.

I haven’t even tasted this drink, but I  definitely know what to expect because it’s been communicated well.

Inspired? Start stealing ideas

Whether you are a seasoned ecommerce veteran or are trying to launch your new venture online, selling online can be tricky.

Your website visitors (customers/potential customers) judge your products and online store by what they see.

So steal ideas from the examples in here and begin use the same techniques they have to sell more products and deliver an immersive user experience to your visitors.