Remove an incorrect location from Google Maps

One of our clients who has 4 business locations on Google Maps found that they had an additional (5th) business on Google Maps that they hadn’t setup.

Keen to get rid of the listing, they asked me to take a look into it and delete the page.

So, here’s a quick guide on how to remove a business or place from Google Maps.

Google your business

Search for the business you’re looking for in Google and find the location which is incorrect

Click the grey ‘Feedback’ link which appears below the content of the map listing

Give Google a reason why it’s incorrect

Flick the button to ‘Yes’ to mark it permanently closed or non existent

Give it a reason by ticking the relevant item in the list. In this case, we marked it as ‘Doesn’t exist’

Thank you for improving Google Maps

Once you’ve submitted your answer, you’ll receive a message like the one below.