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5 Common UX Design Mistakes to Avoid

  • User Experience
27 / October, 2017
User Experience (UX) is imperative. It sits up there with SEO at the top of the content castle and is essential for the success of your website. However, there are 5 common UX design mistakes to avoid

UX Explained and Why Ignoring UX is Commercial Suicide

  • User Experience
10 / February, 2017
If you’re relying on a website to pull in leads or sales you can’t afford to ignore UX: User eXperience. But what’s involved and how does it help your business? User Experience (UX)

WordPress Vs Shopify – which is the best ecommerce platform for you?

  • Websites
22 / September, 2016
It certainly comes down to WordPress vs Shopify if you’re thinking about launching a new online shop or want to change your ecommerce platform. WordPress (with WooCommerce) or Shopify are undoubtedl

10 Amazing Food & Drink Ecommerce Websites that Will inspire You

  • Websites
19 / November, 2015
Here are 10 food based websites to inspire you and get your tummy rumblin’. 1. Hobbs House Bakery Established in the 1920’s, Hobbs House Bakery is a true family business with bakery suppli

30 creative website error pages for when it all goes wrong

  • Websites
13 / July, 2015
In 1996, before the days of the covered centre court, at a rain soaked Wimbledon, Cliff Richard performed to the crowd in an effort to keep the entertainment going. It turns out that Cliff RichardR

Set up a WooCommerce minimum order value (whilst ignoring certain products)

  • Websites
16 / March, 2015
Our client needed minimum order value in a WooCommerce cart of £10 for all products. It didn’t matter how many products there were in the cart, the minimum total needed to be a minimum of £10

5 FAQs about WordPress development – answered

  • Websites
8 / January, 2015
Often people ask us why we think WordPress development is the key to building amazing websites. In a nutshell – the WordPress platform is the most flexible and intuitive platform to develop upo

What is SEO?

  • SEO
9 / October, 2014
Firstly SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which, to you and I is, how to appear higher in the Google search results. There Are 2 Different Types of SEO: 1. Offsite SEO and 2. Onsite SEO. O

How to use Google Analytics

  • General
30 / September, 2014
This post has been written to show you how to use Google Analytics and to get a better understanding of Google Analytics at a basic level. I probably don’t need to tell you how important Google A
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