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Up to date content equals a happy Google

3 / September, 2019
Understanding how Google algorithms work is a critical step towards improving the ranking of your website as well as traffic in webpages. An algorithm can be defined as a set of rules or guidelines th...

Ecommerce platform options: what you need to know

27 / August, 2019
Opening a shop to the general public is now easier than ever before, all thanks to the power of the internet. But it’s not quite a case of just clicking a few buttons — there’s a bit more to it ...

5 design tips for creating your brand’s logo

23 / August, 2019
Every single brand has a logo, however big or small the company may be. Some logos are world-famous and become even more famous than the brand name. However simple they may look, an incredible amount ...

Why LinkedIn is So Powerful for a B2B Company

20 / August, 2019
When discussing social media, the average internet user will typically think of popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. One platform that people tend to gloss over is the top social medi...

Why are online reviews so important?

16 / August, 2019
Constant access to the internet through our phones means that online reviews are always at consumers’ fingertips. If your company doesn’t have online reviews, you’re unlikely to surv...

The marketing resource we have all forgotten about, your email list! 

13 / August, 2019
As digital marketing becomes more commonplace amongst business, there is a drive for innovation. New and exciting forms of digital marketing arrive, leaving the old standbys somewhat forgotten about. ...

How important is a domain name for your business?

9 / August, 2019
Your domain name says a lot about you as a business; as well as ensuring that people “get to your door” effectively.  In fact, choosing a domain name – and therefore your website address –...

How to find the right website design agency

6 / August, 2019
The only source of knowledge is experience. – Albert Einstein. Finding the right website design agency is key to achieving the most out of your money. Each agency work in their own individual wa...

What does SSL mean and how can it help my online business?

2 / August, 2019
What does SSL mean and what is it? SSL, more formerly known as a Secure Socket Layer and which is also sometimes called a “digital certificate”. To put this into tech-speak, this is a commonly use...

What is a conversion funnel?

30 / July, 2019
Gaining new customers on your website can be more complex than you initially envisage. It’s perfectly logical to think that pay-per-click advertising, remarketing campaigns and social media promotio...

10 key ways to reduce bounce rate and increase sales

26 / July, 2019
A high bounce rate is one of the biggest challenges any online business can face. So what actually is a bounce rate and how you can improve it? Put simply, a bounce rate is the number of visitors to y...

Why digital marketing is so important for small businesses

23 / July, 2019
The world is growing increasingly dependent on technology with every passing day, and digital-dependency is creeping further and further into the way we live our lives and the way businesses operate.�...
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