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Ecommerce web design trends for 2023

14 / March, 2023
We’ve been scanning the interwebs for the latest ecommerce web design trends and have found some great examples of animation, Y2K styles, multi-sensory experiences, and fun interactive tools for...

What are mobile UX best practices?

28 / February, 2023
In 2021, the number of mobile users stood at 7.1 billion, with projections of it rising to almost 7.5 billion by 2025. Making design and development for mobile a priority. This is why we’re here...

WooCommerce Specification & Features

16 / February, 2023
WooCommerce is a popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress that adds robust online store functionality to your website. Here are some of its key specifications and features: Easy Installation: WooCommer...

Coding jargon all web developers (and everyone else) should know

14 / February, 2023
Coding can be a complex and intimidating field for those who are new or unfamiliar with it. To add to the complexity there are certain terms and phrases that developers commonly use when talking about...

Top 10 website accessibility examples

6 / February, 2023
Updated: 15 feb 2024 In today’s digital age, ensuring your website is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, is not just a moral obligation—it’s a crucial aspect of ...

5 best web development tools for 2023

31 / January, 2023
Web development is a constantly evolving field, and there are always new tools and technologies being introduced. However, some tools have stood the test of time and remain popular among developers. I...

Our guide to the best software for UX design

24 / January, 2023
There are so many UX tools to choose from and we all have our favourites, so to help whittle them down for you, we’ll share our guide to the best software for UX design along with some top tips we�...

What does a UX researcher do?

19 / January, 2023
The term UX is becoming a staple in digital industries, as more focus is placed on the study of human interaction with digital products. As more and more businesses start to incorporate UX into their ...

What are accessibility features of a website?

10 / January, 2023
Nearly a quarter of the UK’s population, and around 1 billion people worldwide live with one or more disabilities. Which makes understanding the accessibility features of a website a priority for de...

What Google’s helpful content update means for ecommerce marketing

27 / December, 2022
Google periodically rolls out updates to meet the ever-evolving needs and demands of its users, most recently, the Helpful Content Update. We’ve reflected on the update, and what it means to digital...

Omnichannel marketing strategies for ecommerce success

20 / December, 2022
Did you know that 73% of online shoppers use multiple channels during their shopping journey? We lovingly refer to these shoppers as omnichannel customers. What’s more, omnichannel customers are inc...

Ecommerce marketing terms every marketer should know

13 / December, 2022
Most industries will have their fair share of technical terms, acronyms and jargon, and ecommerce marketing is up there with an incredibly long list. Getting to know all of the ecommerce terms out the...
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