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Top 5 new eCommerce trends to watch

The second half of 2020 provides eCommerce ventures with abundant opportunities for growth. Not least as the COVID-19 pandemic created an upsurge in buying online. What other eCommerce ux trends should you consider or reconsider? Unlike many business sectors, online retailers don’t need to throw away their existing Business Plans for 2020 and beyond. However, […]

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Web Design

What are the benefits of using templates to design a website?

It’s possible to create a new website design quickly, and with the minimum of stress and headaches, if you base your pages on an existing template. The trick is to find the right website template and make it your own. For an advanced, truly unique and high-functioning website, approaching leading website designers and developers who […]

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3 simple steps for creating an SEO marketing strategy for your Shopify site

Shopify is a universally popular choice for eCommerce ventures. Searchability is still the key to success though. So, here’s a three-step shopify marketing strategy SEO activities, including a ‘live’ illustration. No platform for eCommerce is the complete solution to establishing and growing your venture successfully. Even the best online retail website option will still require […]

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Coronavirus Marketing Strategy
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3 Smart Marketing Strategies Companies Are Using to Survive COVID-19 (includes examples)

During a crisis like COVID-19 the challenge to market your business and drive revenue may seem overwhelming. However, there are 3 smart digital marketing strategies (explained in this article) that top companies are using to survive COVID-19 (Coronavirus). It’s the time to get hyper-focused on your customers goals and adapt to what’s happening to help […]

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