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Being resourceful with your digital marketing

Being resourceful is not only about making the most impact with the least outlay, it’s also about understanding that just because you can doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Here’s an example close to home; Factory Pattern is active on Instagram. As such, we’d like that content to appear on our blog (which provides gives both […]

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Web Conversion
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Web Conversion – More Important Than Ever

We’re finding more and more potential customers who have the traffic to make their Ecommerce website a success, but not the conversion rate. For some reason people just aren’t buying what they’re selling. We even wrote about it back in May. The process of improving the amount of people actually buying products is known as […]

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Online in 60 seconds
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The Amount of Online Activity in a Minute

Want to know how big and how fast the internet is? This infographic from Qmee shows the amount of online activity that goes on every 60 seconds. 2 million searches on Google, 72 hours of videos uploaded onto YouTube, 42 thousands post every second and 1.8 million likes on Facebook, and 204 million emails sent every minute! View […]

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