How we got our first employee

Our digital agency (Factory Pattern) has been going since 2009 and has been owner managed and run until 2 weeks time, when our very first employee Tom comes on board.

When we started back in 2009 I remember it was a big leap of faith to give up the monthly salary and start our own business.

George (my wife and co-founder) was pregnant at the time and we were 1 year into our mortgage, so the leap of faith just seemed massive. However, I’m very pleased to say that 5-6 years on and we’re doing better than ever and Factory Pattern is thriving.

The next leap of faith

We’re not the type of people to rest, we love an adventure and we love growth, so it was time to take the next leap of faith and hire our first employee.

Hiring someone to come on board and work with us has always been a personal goal of mine, plus it’s now become important to the growth of our company to get more people on board to improve production and share our adventure.

Where we started

To begin our hunt for new talent, we advertised on Indeed, this was relatively cheap and started to get some applications in.

The first 3 people we interviewed were ok, with quite a wide variety in skills and experience.

Going through the interview process was a lesson in itself and after the first 3 interviews, we learnt that it wasn’t just skills and experience that we were after, we wanted our successful candidate to have the same drive and passion as us.

We soon learnt that skills and experience counts, but what was more important to us was the attitude.

We started again…

Advertising on Indeed worked in terms of pulling in applicants but we rushed into the process and the advert was focused on skills and experience and way too generic.

After learning that someone with the right attitude was important, and that practical skills and experience were secondary, we rethought the way Factory Pattern was going to recruit. So, we turned our attention to graduates.

Thinking of the bigger picture

After meeting some of the 2nd year students from the Multimedia Web Design course at The University of Gloucestershire and being overwhelmed by their energy and enthusiasm, we contacted Nina Reeves and kindly asked them to advertise our digital designer/front end developer role.

Within a couple of days Tom (our soon to be employee) applied and the rest is history. Tom came in for a meeting and we immediately clicked. George and I loved his attitude toward work and enthusiasm for learning, so we offered him the job and he begins on the 15th June 2015.

My 3 tips on hiring employees

  1. Look at the bigger picture and how that person will help with the growth of your company
  2. Don’t just hire someone that will plug a gap and fill an immediate need
  3. Think differently and don’t just advertise on generic sites. was great, but because our focus was on graduates, we naturally got in touch with the Uni and it was free to advertise