3 Examples of Amazing User Experience from AirBnb

If you’ve ever used Airbnb to book a place, you’ll know they’re a top-notch website when it comes to amazing, user focused design. The experience is subtle, empathetic and genius. Here are 3 examples of how they inject subtle, yet powerful user experience design into their website.


1. Image carousel in search listings

AirBnB Carousel

What’s most important to you when selecting a place to stay at? For me, it’s what the place actually looks like! Airbnb makes it so easy to browse through the listing photos. You don’t need to click through to the next page. You can simply browse the photos on the parent-listing page. If the gallery doesn’t tickle your fancy, move on.

2. Emotional Contagion (user experience)


As soon as I step onto Airbnb’s homepage, I am instantly greeted by a safe and welcoming vibe. One thing definitely stood out to me. Photos predominantly drive their homepage. If you look closely, most of their portrait shots have either a couple or group of ‘friends’ smiling and enjoying life.

This is a great example of emotional contagion.

According to Wikipedia, “emotional contagion is the tendency for two individuals to emotionally converge. When people unconsciously mimic expressions of emotion, they come to feel reflections of those companions’ emotions.”

By overwhelming us with photos from the get go, the home page is jolting our minds to trust the Airbnb community and associate its brand with happy travellers.

3. Personalised homepage (user experience)

AirBnB Home Page

A very focused experience on the homepage.

When you first come to Airbnb’s the focus is on the first entry point into their funnel – the locations you can go to.

Now make a search and click around on a few listings and return to the homepage. What do you see? A personalised and tailored experience relevant to your search. A minor gem but it definitely made me go wow.