Conversion Rate Optimisation Marketing: What, How and Why

CRO, or conversion rate optimisation marketing, in short, is a specific marketing tactic that focuses on increasing your overall number of conversions that you drive without necessarily increasing your audience size.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Marketing

Effectively, CRO is the process of analysing your marketing strategies, refining your tactics and tweaking your content so that you can basically achieve more with less.

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By effectively optimising your website’s conversion rates, you can encourage a higher percentage of your audience to take profitable actions without you having to spend more money – and who does not want that?

The first step of a CRO process will be analysing the quality of traffic that you receive across all digital marketing channels. The answer to this will hang on whether your traffic is converting or clicking on specified calls-to-action.

Once you have analysed your website’s traffic quality, you can then start to look at CRO Marketing.

The Most Common Examples of Conversion Rate Optimisation Marketing

The thinking behind CRO is simple; the more engaging and useful your content, the more likely it is that your audience will convert.

As a result, CRO involves testing, tweaking and refining elements across digital marketing to encourage a higher click through rate (CTR). This is done by highlighting specific call-to-actions, reviewing the user experience of a website and ensuring that any website is not only functional but incredibly engaging.

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The specifics of a CRO strategy will depend entirely on a website’s function, business sector and target audience types. Nevertheless, there are three very common tactics that appear in most CRO strategies. These are as follows:

  • A/B split testing
  • UX and customer journey analysis
  • Important customer feedback

The results from the above three processes can prove to be incredibly powerful in ironing out little kinks in any campaign or asset that can make all the difference.

The Importance of Conversion Rate Optimisation Marketing

CRO has become indispensable to the modern marketer. This has only been exacerbated by the digital revolution that we have witnessed over the last decade. This is because, today starting up a business is a much quicker, cheaper and easier process than ever before, especially when we consider that many businesses today only function online.

Thus, marketplaces are becoming crowded and as a result, you want to ensure that your campaigns will bring in the highest ROI possible – cue CRO.

By optimising conversion rates, businesses effectively can:

  • Increase sales via simple on-page architecture and structural optimisation
  • Boost return on investment (ROI) and overall profits across marketing campaigns
  • Hugely improve customer retention
  • Reap increased sales from your existing consumers without investing more

Overall, CRO Marketing allows you to reduce the total amount spent on marketing by doing more with less.

CRO ensures that what you are spending is spent in the most effective way.

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