How Short Term Loan Websites Help People Make Decisions [Video]

Short term website such as have the challenge of helping people making lending decisions fast.

Review of: 3 short term loan mobile websites

This is an interesting challenge and we’ve reviewed 3 of the most popular short term loan mobile websites to find out how they’re helping people make instant decisions when applying for instant (little) loans.

Video Review of: 3 Short Term Loan Mobile Websites

Furthermore, we’ve included some additional research on below

Wonga UX & Marketing Research

1. Leaky data: How Wonga makes lending decisions

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Slider start loan amount differs depending on what you access the site with Analytic tool QuBit

2. Wired magazine

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Highlights that wonga is about gathering data. Their marketing spend of in excess of £16m in 2011.

3. The Guardian

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In the four years since the company launched, the business has soared and a total of around 3.5m short-term online loans have been made; the average loan is £260 and the maximum is £1,000, initially for a maximum of 30 days. Wonga’s advertising spend has grown from approximately £22,000 in 2009 to £16m in 2011, according to the analysts AC Nielson MMS.

4. Targeting potential clients at particular times

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One strategy used by payday lenders is to target people during special events and festivities, such as Christmas, when the public are most in need of financial top-ups to pay for additional goods.

5. Discounting the future

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Interesting psychology behind why people use sites like Wonga