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  • What Ecommerce SEO Services Do You Need?

    • SEO
    17 / May, 2022
    Although all ecommerce websites could benefit from a thorough SEO strategy, figuring out what specific services your website is crying out for is a different matter. Not to worry though, as we’ll be...

    Underused SEO strategies for ecommerce stores

    • SEO
    15 / March, 2022
    If you’re looking to grow your organic traffic, these underused SEO strategies for ecommerce stores could be just what you need. We’ve spoken at length in previous blogs about SEO strategy, includ...

    Keyword Research For Ecommerce: 3 Methods You May Not Have Tried

    • SEO
    18 / January, 2022
    One of the building blocks for SEO work is to undertake keyword research. But if you’re an online store, how does keyword research for ecommerce differ to other types of websites? While there are a ...

    How to write an SEO Strategy

    • SEO
    4 / January, 2022
    With the New Year approaching, it’s time to put plans into place to fuel your business’ growth in the New Year. For driving organic traffic, you need to write an SEO strategy for ecommerce website...

    Ecommerce seo strategy for 2022: What to prioritise and what to leave behind

    • SEO
    23 / November, 2021
    The end (of 2021) is nigh and it’s time to work on your ecommerce SEO strategy for 2022 – but what should you focus on? In this article, we’re going to share our insights of what we’ve lea...

    5 misconceptions about working with an eCommerce SEO agency

    • SEO
    27 / September, 2021
    SEO is not marketing ‘dark arts’, designed to cheat Google algorithms. Nor is it a dazzling, jargon-packed process that comes with a hefty price tag. Here, we kill myths about eCommerce SEO agenci...

    Why SEO Is A Long-Term Game

    • SEO
    16 / August, 2021
    We often have clients ask us why our search engine optimisation (SEO) packages are done on a retainer basis rather than as one-off projects.  Here’s the thing: SEO is a long-term game.  In order t...

    8 Of The Best Free SEO Tools For Ecommerce Stores

    • SEO
    16 / July, 2021
    As an ecommerce store, you’ll want to stay on top of your website’s SEO. For smaller ecommerce stores with small budgets, premium SEO tools can be expensive. But don’t worry, in our round up of ...

    Ecommerce SEO Audit: Best Practice and Tips for Success

    • SEO
    18 / June, 2021
    While search engine optimisation (SEO) is an iterative process, you have to have a good base to start from. And that’s where an SEO audit comes in. For all of our SEO clients, we complete an ecommer...

    7 SEO Facts You Need To See

    • SEO
    5 / March, 2021
    The term ‘search engine optimisation’ is often discussed but still widely misunderstood. Even some SEO agencies don’t fully grasp its potential. To give you a flavour, here are interesting and f...

    SEO vs PPC: what is the difference?

    • Ecommerce PPC
    • SEO
    25 / June, 2020
    Many companies find themselves asking ‘which is best: Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click?’. Understanding the differences between eCommerce SEO and PPC can help you to decide the right ti...

    3 simple steps for creating an SEO marketing strategy for your Shopify site

    • SEO
    23 / April, 2020
    Shopify is a universally popular choice for eCommerce ventures. Searchability is still the key to success though. So, here’s a three-step shopify marketing strategy SEO activities, including a ‘li...
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