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  • 4 reasons to include Live Chat on your website

    • Websites
    14 / August, 2020
    Is there anyone there? Chatbots help you to engage directly with individual customers. This can boost sales by improving your sites overall user experience, particularly as website users now demand in...

    6 simple steps to creating a Shopify Marketing Guide

    • Websites
    21 / July, 2020
    The benefits of having a Shopify site can be greatly amplified if you also have a Shopify Marketing Guide. It’s like a to-do list, for positioning and promoting your online profile. Here is a step b...

    What are the benefits of using templates to design a website?

    • Websites
    9 / June, 2020
    It’s possible to create a new website design quickly, and with the minimum of stress and headaches, if you base your pages on an existing template. The trick is to find the right website template an...

    10 easy to use eCommerce payment systems for 2020

    • Websites
    14 / February, 2020
    Start-ups and evolving e-retailers need reliable payment gateways for their eCommerce site that consumers trust. We identify 10 with the potential to underpin your lead conversion; offering good funct...

    7 top ecommerce websites in the world: Their best UX secrets revealed

    • Websites
    7 / February, 2020
    A groundbreaking and detailed analysis of the 7 top-performing E-commerce worldwide websites reveals important insights into how the likes of Wayfair,Sears and Home Depot are converting visitors into ...

    What do ‘web design services’ involve?

    • Websites
    31 / January, 2020
    Designing a website goes deeper than just physical appearance. Yes it needs to be a perfect visual representation of your business, but if it doesn’t perform as intended that will reflect badly ...

    Choosing the right colour combinations for your website

    • Websites
    21 / January, 2020
    There’s a whole science behind the meaning and impact of colours. We all know the obvious ones, red symbolises danger, and ironically also love and passion, but when it comes to choosing the right c...

    Website jargon, understanding basic website terms

    • Websites
    24 / December, 2019
    Designing and building effective websites often means bringing in professionals! However, having a good grasp of some of the terminology makes it easier to talk to web designers with confidence and cl...

    How to scale images for mobile websites

    • Websites
    29 / October, 2019
    When you’re rightly proud of your product or service – and you know a good picture paints a thousand words – using the best images on your website makes infinite sense. Adjusting the dimensions ...

    5 most effective website design tips for small businesses

    • Websites
    25 / October, 2019
    You don’t need a big budget to create a great looking website that works hard for your business. What you absolutely do need is a website ‘designed for success’. What does that mean for small bu...

    How to start out designing websites

    • Websites
    22 / October, 2019
    Not all the one billion websites in existence were created by established agencies and consummate professionals! In fact, there are some highly impressive sites crafted by digital marketing ‘newbies...

    Top 5 tools for website designers

    • Websites
    15 / October, 2019
    Having a key tool kit you can rely on when it comes to website design is vital for success. These tools will become your best friend, most of them to be used daily. Having a set of programmes that wor...