Community Management

We manage your social media platforms on your behalf, posting regular content and engaging with your followers and other accounts in your niche. Establishing brand consistency across your channels and building an engaged and loyal following.

Community Engagement Helps Build Meaningful Relationships

We use community engagement to break through the noise on social media, creating meaningful connections with your audience. We talk with your audience, not at them. We want to engage and build your social community.

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Drive More Leads

Community engagement is used to help create opportunities to connect with your audience. We'll ensure your brand is at the forefront of your audience’s mind when the time comes to buy. Benefitting both existing customers by reinforcing the reasons why they love your brand, and potential customers by building trust and familiarity.

Improve Brand Loyalty

The more you engage with your community on social media, the more touch points your audience has to interact with your brand and its values. The more often your audience interacts with your brand, the stronger your presence is in their lives, making them more loyal to your brand over others.

Increase User Retention

Whilst attracting new people to your brand is important, retaining existing customers is just as, if not more important! It’s far more cost effective to retain existing customers than it is to gain new ones. We'll give your existing customers a reason to keep coming back and engaging with your brand.

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bottle of white wine over the image of countryside

The Signal Post - Community Engagement

We worked with The Signal Post to grow their wine brand organically and build customer loyalty through social media.

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Client Testimonials


The Signal Post

The team at Factory Pattern have been a great asset for our business

The team at Factory Pattern have been a great asset for our business running Facebook campaigns. They’ve understood every assignment we’ve given them and provided in-depth analysis for every campaign run. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

Social Media Team

Annie - factory pattern team

Annie Malham

Digital Marketer

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What is community management in social media?

Community management is all about relationships and how your brand uses the tools to interact with your community. It's centred around being active in discussions that relate to your brand and building important connections.

Why is community management on social media important?

So, you've created your posts and published them out to the world, then what? Community management is the next layer, where you monitor feedback, listen and engage in conversations.