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Email marketing for ecommerce stores is a powerful tool to boost sales and revenue. In fact, we find that email marketing is the best converting channel for our ecommerce clients.

Is your email marketing fulfilling its full potential?

Email marketing for ecommerce businesses has the potential to turn a subscriber into a high-value customer. We’ll audit your current email marketing to identify opportunities for growth across newsletter campaigns and email automation.

From Idea To Inbox

Our team of copywriters, digital marketers, designers and user experience experts all collaborate to design, create and send your email campaigns for you.

Automated Emails Drive Revenue

One of the biggest email marketing assets for ecommerce businesses is the automated emails. From abandoned carts to welcome series, we create email automation flows that drive revenue for your store. 

We prioritise email capture

We don’t just focus on sending emails. We’ll also work with you to build your email database with our best-practice approach to capturing emails.

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Find out we ecommerce emails to nurture leads and engage current customers to generate more sales.

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August, 2020

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing?

No business can afford to ignore a largely free marketing tool. Rumours of its demise are unfounded, and every organisation can use this brilliant, personalised communication option. We outline the benefits of email marketing for 2020.

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Safe Industrial

I would highly recommend Factory Pattern to anyone.

They are an extremely friendly bunch - I have liaised with Andy and Becca regularly and they are both great people, as are the rest of the team! I would highly recommend Factory Pattern to anyone

Email Marketing Team

Annie Malham

Digital Marketer

Olivia Buckley

UX Designer

Nell O'Neill


Sam Brooks

Digital Designer

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