Our Process

The Conversion Engine

Our process outlines how we work with you to convert your ecommerce website and digital marketing into a conversion focused engine for growth… Vroom, vroom!

Step 1: 30 minute free discovery call/meeting

A 30-minute phone call will help you decide, whether you’re looking to increase ecommerce sales or get more leads from your website.

  • 30-minute Discovery Call. We’ll ask you a bunch of questions about your business, the market you want to serve, and your goals. We’ll also answer any other burning questions you might have about the process of working together.
  • UX (User Experience) and Digital Marketing Analysis. If there’s a potential fit to work together, we’ll do a deep-dive on everything you’ve got from a UX / digital perspective. We’ll also do our own research regarding your industry and where your product fits in the market.

We’ll also ask for…

  • Access to Google Analytics
  • Access to any session recording or heatmapping tools e.g. Hotjar
  • Relevant content — i.e. guides, ebooks, etc.
  • We have an NDA ready, so you’re safe in the knowledge that your data won’t be shared

What you get: A UX analysis chock-full of insights about your website and the confidence that we’re the right people for the job. 

Here’s an example, take a look

Step 2: Planning

After the initial UX analysis, we’ll start planning out what we can do to help you improve conversions and the plan for the initial project.

We’ll meet to discuss the plan (still free) so that we can run through all the details, the price, and begin to understand you, your team and answer any further questions you may have.

Our engagements are typically 3 – 6 months long to start and the first monthly fixed fee payment is due up front to begin. After the initial period, we can roll into a regular retainer or we can work on an ad-hoc basis, we’re very flexible. 😉

  • Agreement and project plan. We’ll scope out an agreement according to the initial UX & digital analysis and any other details we’ll need before sending it over. We’ll agree on a project start date, and get rolling!

What you get: A project start date and an estimate based on your exact needs.

“Factory Pattern’s digital marketing and UX expertise has driven a high level of traffic to our ecommerce site using a mix of SEO, Facebook and Google Adwords. Their focus on User Experience has improved our conversion rate. 

The team at Factory Pattern are great to work with and have provided easy-to-understand and eye-catching reporting, which has enabled us to keep an eye on our digital marketing activity month-to-month.”

Tiffany Bishop
Marketing Director, Majestic Athletic

Step 3: Research & Strategy

Okay great. If you’re here, that means you’ve agreed to the plan, paid the first invoice, and are ready to begin!

We always start with a UX review, user research and interviews. It’s non-negotiable. The UX review is a heuristic analysis of your site. Focusing on core areas, we review with UX best practices and find opportunities to improve.

The interviews we run aren’t your average “Do you think you would buy from this website?” interviews. Those kinds of interviews are feebly (and terrible for making the right decisions).

I’m talking about the mighty interviews that get to the knitty-gritty of exactly why your customers will or won’t buy from your website.

  • Interviews and Research. We’ll focus on one specific audience — typically the best-fit, best-paying customers (or the ones you need help attracting more of). We’ll work together to secure face-to-face video calls (via Zoom) and record what users are doing on your site, whilst we take them through tasks e.g. Add a product to basket.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation roadmap. All of the insights from the interviews and the initial UX review funnel into a UX/Digital roadmap (a list of things to improve) – a key deliverable we’re going to need to make the best possible decisions about how to make changes to your site to improve your conversion rate.

What you get: That “oh sh*t” feeling, and an insanely detailed review of how your users engage with your site, why they’re doing what they’re doing, and the high-value in-website behaviours they take.

Digital Growth Strategy

You’ll need a data-driven approach to your marketing strategy, and you’ll need to know what you can implement today and what you need to be building towards for tomorrow.

As we progress through the interviews and research we also review your digital marketing performance and make suggestions on how you can grow your business with digital.

  • Your proposed digital marketing strategy. From the interviews and analysis, we’ll be able to propose a data-driven marketing strategy and a concrete plan for execution against that strategy. It’s usually focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), content marketing, PPC (Pay-per-click) and Social.
  • Depending on your budget, we’ll provide a strategy that will get you the best return on your investment, and set you up for long-term growth.

What you get: The most clear, in-depth marketing review and plan that you’ve ever seen. Plus, it’s driven by actual data — not guesswork.

If it isn’t obvious, this step is crucial.

Step 4: Implementation & Growth

This is the step where every client always gets really excited. The horizon becomes clear, and they can see where they need to point the ship.

  • Execution. Yes, we’ll start executing on the plan. It completely depends on what the research reveals, but typically this involves:
    • Website sitemap, wireframes and concepts 
    • Develop website / landing pages and if necessary implement a new CMS (WordPress) or ecommerce system (WooCommerce or Shopify)
    • Optional: SEO or PPC setup, researching keywords, audiences and getting you ready to market your site
    • Optional: Content marketing — articles, webinars, videos, etc.
    • Exploration of other forms of marketing like partnerships, business development, community, and more.
  • Implement Reporting. We setup a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) monthly report, a UX roadmap to capture and report digital activity and performance.
  • Ongoing Optimisation and Exploration. UX and Digital Marketing doesn’t sit still. It’s constantly enterprising. We deliver an ongoing program of building, learning and measurement. The goal is to keep on improving your conversions.

What you get: A massive sigh of relief that someone is taking this off your shoulders, and the beginnings of a strong asf digital marketing and conversion engine that brings results.

By the time we get here, there’s really no limit to what we’ll be able to accomplish. ✨

Alright. I’m ready to get started! Let’s talk.

“Working with Factory Pattern was the biggest sense of relief. I finally found out where and why our users were getting stuck and how we could use this research to improve our conversions. Not only have we seen conversions improve, but digital marketing has increased our organic traffic by 68% year-on-year.”

Ben Williams

CEO, Forever Green Products