1 Chancery Lane – Barrister Firm

Positioning a firm of barristers correctly is no easy task, particularly as there are strict regulations placed on marketing arrangements for law businesses.
The Ethics Committee of the Bar Council provides guidelines on transparency and the phraseology that barristers can use on their websites. It is part of the pressure to maintain honesty and fairness in this sensitive area of professional service.

Chancery lane portfolio


The barristers at 1 Chancery Lane are leaders in their fields, providing specialist advocacy and advice on such weighty topics as: Complex Personal Injury; Travel & Cross Border Claims; Medical Law; Public Authority Liability; Property and Professional Liability.

1 Chancery Lane is based in London but offers highly responsive customer service to clients throughout the UK, including providing insightful legal advice, alternative dispute resolution and representation in robust disputes.

The organisation’s digital marketing has to reach out to a carefully segmented marketplace. This includes bringing the firm’s expertise to the attention of police; the insurance, travel and professional services sectors; public authorities; and organisations in a wide cross section of healthcare, education, industry and construction trades.



For this to be successful, they needed a website to reflect their specialist legal service, that also showed a degree of warmth. The ability to interact with site visitors and to provide instantly available legal news and information was also important to establish a stronger client rapport.

Much depended on adding the ‘human’ factor while balancing the need to show the organisation’s depth of knowledge and technical acumen.


Factory Pattern developed the 1 Chancery Street website to specifically match the diverse business objectives of this specialist firm.

This included curating images of the barristers, and adding ‘humanising’ personal information about the background of each one. Staff profiles were also added to the website.

In this way, prospective clients will feel a stronger connection with the 1 Chancery Lane personnel they are likely to meet and liaise with.

The website was also designed to be bright and clear, with uncluttered Content that makes the firm’s business proposition easy to understand, instantly.

Blogs, news and other resources on this new, engaging website are aimed at meeting the interests and needs of potential clients.



In the case of 1 Chancery Lane, analysis of website traffic and visitor behaviour bucks this trend as a result of Factory Pattern’s ‘overhaul’.

  • There has been a substantial increase in unique visitors – growing by over 3,000 per month.
  • However, are those authentic leads for this specialist set of barristers? The proof of that can be seen in the 52% conversion rate that 1 Chancery Lane is now experiencing, from Barrister enquiries.
  • Much of this success comes from ensuring that the newly improved website – in terms of appearance and performance – is properly optimised for search engines. 1 Chancery Lane has gained 76% organic traffic levels.