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Improve Sales Funnel for Booking an Appointment

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How we helped Edit Suits increase their online bookings by 176% Ecommerce UX.

Key Points


Increase in Online Bookings

About the Client

Edit Suits Co. is a high-end, made-to-measure menswear company that is changing the way men shop for clothing. Using a combination of ecommerce and direct sales, Edit Suits Co. offer premium quality, custom-tailored clothing, and a modern, convenient approach to tailoring appointments.

Our Brief

Edit Suits Co. need to make their website more user friendly to improve the conversion rate of bookings and increase sales. Also, there are currently two websites (one for mobile, and one for desktop) and combining these sites will help improve efficiency and management.

Ultimately, the Edit Suits Co. website needs to be an easy-to-use booking process for personal fittings, a simple way to order new clothes and a useful resource for existing clients and potential new customers.

The Solution

  • We carried out extensive user research to gain useful insight into the improvements which could be made to the Edit Suit Co. website.
  • As a result of live user testing we redesigned the desktop booking experience and set up relevant calls to action.
  • We also redesigned the mobile version of the site and merged it with the live site for a seamless user experience.

The Outputs

  • In a 4-week time frame, we researched user behaviour on the existing mobile site and ran online surveys to find the pain points and frustrations with the existing site.
  • This information enabled us to redesign the mobile site from the ground up. We launched several variations of the site, then over the following 4-week period we tested and tweaked the variations to define the new design and the user journey.
  • The redesign resulted in a 176% increase in online bookings for Edit Suits Co.

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