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Hobbs House wanted to develop a successful e-commerce arm without losing sight of important, traditional values, including “chatting” to customers and sharing recipes

Hobbs House Bakery came to us with their “dough” and asked the team to use their loaf to provide a creative but business-focused solution.

About the Client

Bristol-based Hobbs House Bakery is owned by the Herbert family which guards the quality of their products fiercely but is happy to share the “secrets” of their success.

It’s why the most recent generation of bread impresarios in the family – Henry and Tom Herbert – have found themselves in demand for television and event appearances. The duo is known as “The Fabulous Baker Brothers”.

Henry and Tom have added butchery prowess to the family’s long-standing love affair with bread. They have also authored books aimed at making bread making a national pastime once more.

In fact, the whole team at Hobbs House Bakery “get a rise” out of sharing their passion for baked goods with the general public. Which is why alongside selling breads, pastries, confectionery and butchery items in their growing retail network, they also sell home baking kits.

The company also arranges regular courses in its Chipping Sodbury Cookery School. This includes not only breadmaking insights, but also the skills needed to make perfect BBQ and pies, or mouthwatering cakes and pastries. This family firm is especially keen to inspire new generations to enjoy “real” bread and make their own meals, so Kids’ Classes are also on offer at the Cookery School.

With six stores and all this to manage, Hobbs House Bakery could be excused for “kneading” a rest. However, the team is keen to take its messages and product range out to people across the UK.

Our Brief

Hobbs House Bakery has the slogan that it wants to “put bread on your table”.

We were tasked with providing the website and digital marketing support that would ensure the firm could reach more tables!

This included a national re-brand for the high profile bakery company, which had to blend in the family firm’s mission of helping customers rediscover a love of well crafted, all natural artisan loaves.

The new corporate identity was the focal point of a new e-commerce website. It had to make ordering easy for customers, but also enable the team at Hobbs House Bakery to update products quickly, and process payments securely.

Added to the digital marketing brief was a rather more unique “ingredient”. Hobbs House Bakery wanted their site to have a high level of interaction with customers, including the ability to curate and share recipes and bread making tips.

The Solution

  • We mixed up a batch of both business-like and creative features, to craft a website that rose to the occasion.
  • This was largely enabled by using a combination of a WordPress bespoke design, and the reliable functionality of WooCommerce website features.
  • The Hobbs House Bakery website includes a fully integrated online shop, but also a store locator to enable local or visiting customers to pick up their tasty treats in person.
  • We also ensured that the web build included an intuitive place to house and download recipes. Not only did this meet a primary “caring and sharing” goal for the client, but it also helped to boost website traffic and SEO.
  • Within the friendly, warm and easy to navigate website, Factory Pattern provided their client with the perfect platform to promote their passion for sourdough. The company uses a specific and long-standing strain of sourdough fermenting agent in many of its products – a key element of their promotion of traditional and natural recipes.
  • The new website proved to be a “hotbed” on which to grow their national sourdough marketing campaign.

The Outputs

Having a website that looks good and performs well is clearly important to a company making its products – and messages – available beyond its stores in the South West.

However, was it effective? The proof is not “in the pudding”, as the saying goes, but in the statistics generated by website analytics.

Since launching its new website:

Hobbs House Bakery has seen a 75% increase in traffic stemming from the redesign and the SEO techniques we used in its development.
What really takes the biscuit though, is the 206% increase in online revenue the company enjoyed, within the first 3 months of the new website going live!

Crumbs; we’ll “toast” to that!

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