Website design and build for Pro-Tek Flooring

Website design and build for Pro-Tek Flooring


How we boosted transactions by 257% by developing an ecommerce platform for an existing brochure based for leading flooring brand Pro-Tek.

Key Points


increase in online transactions


increase in page views


decrease in page load time

About the Client

Pro-Tek™ is a leading brand and award winning innovation in engineered vinyl click flooring manufacturers.

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Our Brief

With an existing and established brochure site, Pro-Tek™ wanted to upgrade to an ecommerce platform to sell products online. Users could request samples, but couldn't buy products, so there was some existing transactional behaviour which drove the need to sell Pro-Tek directly on the site, as opposed to just selling it via other ecom marketplaces. It’s also worth mentioning that the existing site was Magento based and riddled with errors, preventing a good user experience.

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The Solution

First, we reviewed the current website to make sure we captured the existing structure and user behaviour. This research, combined with a website workshop helped to form the new site.

Product data was imported from Magento into WooCommerce, which included 385 products.

Design of the site included a brand refresh to reflect the high quality of Pro-Tek products and give it a new lease of life.

  1. Site built with WooCommerce to deliver an industry leading ecommerce site...
  2. Mention automated email marketing to deliver great customer comms, integrated with Klaviyo to ensure we capture new and existing customers...
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The Outputs

  1. 32% increase in page views meaning there's been a lot more interest in the site, more engagement and less exits
  2. -61.89% decrease in page load time, bringing the average site speed down to 2.62 seconds due to site speed optimisation
  3. 257.14% increase in ecommerce transactions
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