REHAU Interactive Touchscreen

Interactive Touch Screen


Designing a Better Digital Experience to Showcase REHAU’s Product Range.

How an overhaul of REHAU’s interactive product experience lead to a 75% increase in conversion.

About the Client

REHAU is an international specialist in polymer-based innovations and systems, working chiefly within the building and automotive industries.

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Our Brief

The Building Centre in London homes REHAU’s permanent exhibition space; a dedicated area designed to showcase REHAU’s work across a range of industries. An interactive touch-screen in the space offers visitors an easy-to-use resource that explains REHAU’s work, but this simply wasn’t performing when it came to driving sales.

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Tony Harbour

Senior Commercial Manager

“Factory Pattern took the time to sit down with us and understand the problems we were facing with the interactive touch-screen, quickly coming back with a range of creative solutions for us to consider. We were able to work closely with the team to develop an overhauled homepage that not only worked better, but actually improved our conversion rates to a level that far surpassed expectation.”

The Solution

  • When Factory Pattern came on board, we identified that the problem lay with the interactive screen’s homepage, with difficult navigation and a complicated map layout resulting in a lack of conversion.
  • After collecting user data from pre-testing sessions, we redesigned the homepage’s layout based on the results, adding informative labels and eye-catching graphics to guide the user journey.
  • We then carried out several user-testing sessions with real people, ensuring the redesigned homepage was working successfully to improve user experience and ultimately encourage conversion.
Example of 3D user interface

The Outputs

  • As a direct result of redesigning REHAU’s interactive product experience, REHAU have had a 75% increase in direct sales enquiries.
  • As an added bonus, the REHAU sales team are now using the interactive product experience as an invaluable sales tool, for demonstrating REHAU’s product range.
Screen shotes from the REHAU website showing 3D visuals of building

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