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How we helped Rejuvenation increase their organic traffic by 25% with our Search Engine Optimisation services.

Key Points


increase in organic traffic compared to previous period


bounce rate for organic traffic


first page ranking keywords

About the Client

Rejuvenation Water are a plant-based nutrition company, started with the aim of providing clean nutritional drinks free from excessive sugar, artificial sweeteners and chemicals.

Our Brief

Set the scene and explain where the client was at and the challenge they faced? Then explain what they needed to solve the challenge:

Kris, the founder of Rejuvenation Water, shifted the focus of the business towards Nespresso Compatible Health Pods during the Covid-19 pandemic. He got in touch with Factory Pattern looking to grow the search presence of Rejuvenation Water, with a particular focus on the Nespresso market.

The challenge for this focus was competing with Nespresso branded products, as well as attracting irrelevant traffic.

Ben Williams

CEO, Forever Green Products

“Working with Factory Pattern was the biggest sense of relief. I finally found out where and why our users were getting stuck and how we could use this research to improve our conversions. Not only have we seen conversions improve, but digital marketing has increased our organic traffic by 68% year-on-year.”

The Solution

  • The process we went through to find the solution that solved the challenge.
  • First, Factory Pattern conducted extensive research, including keyword research and competitive analysis. The aim during this stage was to identify the areas of growth, as well as the search intent behind specific keywords.
  • To target the relevant audience, we used content marketing to create insightful articles that satisfied the search criteria. We also optimised meta data to make it abundantly clear what this product was - this helped us limit irrelevant click-throughs and, in turn, keep the bounce rate low.

The Outputs

  • The Rejuvenation Water SEO project resulted in a 25% increase in organic traffic to their website compared to the previous period.
  • While working with Factory Pattern, Rejuvenation Water’s bounce rate from organic traffic remained low, showing that the SEO work was reaching a relevant audience.

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