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An Ecommerce PPC Agency that delivers growth and revenue via paid advertising

 Tired of wasting money on adverts that don’t convert? Work with an Ecommerce PPC Agency that generates a return on investment on PPC ads.

  • Real, Meaningful and Profitable Results
    Beyond generating awareness and traffic, our goal as an ecommerce PPC agency is to gather enough data to make smart, informed decisions and drive conversions.
  • Sustainable campaign results
    Our strategic approach means that PPC is a long-term revenue stream. We won’t use short-term measure to generate short-term results.
  • Get more customers
    PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.
eCommerce PPC Agency

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Drive more orders with ecommerce PPC management

But why should you work with an Ecommerce PPC Agency?

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Ecommerce specialists

As a specialist eCommerce agency, we know ecommerce like the back of our hands. We know how to get the right audience to your website – and our UX experts know how to convert traffic into sales.

Get a tailored PPC Service

We know that no two eCommerce stores are the same and no PPC campaign we run will be the same. We tailor each PPC campaign to your needs and goals.

Data-driven insights

Our approach to PPC advertising is evidence based. We only optimise based on what the data is telling us.

Results on every platform

While Google Ads and Facebook Ads are our recommended advertising platforms for eCommerce businesses, we have experience running successful campaigns on the full spectrum of advertising platforms; from Twitter and LinkedIn and everything in between.

Social Media PPC Platforms

How We Make Your PPC Campaigns A Success

Strategic, long-term thinking

We create an actionable ecommerce PPC strategy to get you up and going and set targets for short and long term goals.

Research and optimisation

We complete extensive research to identify the best audience for your campaigns. From audience characteristics on Facebook to keywords on Google, we go under the skin to find the right audience for your campaign.

Competitor Analysis

We analyse your competitor’s website to learn what’s working for their PPC campaigns, but also to identify any gaps in that may provide an opportunity for your business.

Bid Spend Management

Bid management ensures that your ad spend is focused on the right keywords and campaigns ensuring you get the most from your budget.

Ad Creative

From crafting text ads to delivering stand-out image-based ads, we make sure that your ads capture your audience’s attention and drive traffic to your website.

Our Team

Meet Factory Pattern – an Ecommerce PPC Agency in the UK.

Andy Thorne - Director, UX Designer


Director / UX Designer / Developer

Kenny Foster - Web Developer at Factory Pattern



Georgina Thorne - Digital Marketing Director


Director / Research, design & marketer

Olivia Buckley - Designer



Scott Salter


Digital Marketing

Debbie Wilkinson - Office Manager


Office Manager

Becca Stanley Account Manager


Account Manager

Our Clients

Hobbs House Bakery Website
Eton Vintners Website
Edit Suits Website
Forever Green Energy

Our Clients

eCommerce PPC for Coconut Merchant

Coconut Merchant are an ecommerce store selling natural coconut products. They instructed us to manage their PPC campaigns with the aim of increasing sales and their newsletter subscriptions.

The campaign to date has been a success, with this month running at a return on ad spend (ROAS) of over 400%.

We also generated almost 2,500 new subscribers for their newsletter, a key revenue channel.

Coconut Merchant Case Study

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Common Questions

How much does PPC cost?

Our Ecommerce PPC services costs are based on the scale of your campaign and the work required. As no two ecommerce stores are the same – and in turn no two PPC projects are the same – we provide a custom cost for your PPC project.

How long does it take to see results from my campaign?

Depending on your business and product, we may even see tangible results in the first 24 hours! PPC shows results fast.

What do I get with my PPC Audit?

Your free PPC audit will review your current PPC campaigns and identify opportunities for growth.

Can I discuss with you for free?

Yes, we offer a free, no obligation call and meeting (via Zoom or Skype) to specify your complete requirements and will provide a formal proposal free of charge, including your PPC audit.

What ecommerce platforms do you work on?

  • WooCommerce (WordPress)
  • Shopify sites
Andy Thorne - Director, UX Designer

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