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Ecommerce Social Media

How Social Media Helps Your Business

Increases brand awareness

We can harness the power of social media to communicate your brand message effectively to the right people. Giving your brand a unique personality your followers can relate to and trust.

Sticking to your brand guidelines and maintaining a consistent tone will make your brand stand out on social media and be more memorable to your followers.

Helps drive traffic to your website

With niche specific content on both your website and your social media channels we can develop an effective conversion and lead generation strategy that drives your target audience to your website.

Re-enforces your SEO strategy

Creating content that reinforces your SEO strategy ensures your website and social media platforms are congruent. That consistency of message will Improving the user experience of your followers and push you up the Google ranks

Builds a community of loyal followers, ready to turn into paying customers

Social media provides your business with a platform where you can communicate with your customers and potential customers in a uniquely informal way. It’s in this environment where you can truly get to know your target audience and their needs and speak to them on their level.

Providing content that fulfills the needs of your followers is what builds strong, lasting customer relationships.

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EcommerceSocial Media Marketing Services

Our mission is to help you unleash your inner creativity, (yes, you do have it in you) on social media, so you can share your message, build your brand and, most importantly, build long lasting relationships with your customers.

Social Media Consultancy

We will develop a social strategy with you that is designed around your long and short term business goals.

Whether you’re developing a social presence from scratch or need help getting existing profiles working harder for your business. We’ll create a strategy that gets the results you need.

Content Creation

We will work with you to create engaging, on brand content that resonates with your followers and their passions and supports your business goals.

We become part of your team to make sure your social content is authentic and matches your tone of voice exactly, so your audience get a real sense of connecting with you and not with an agency.

From long-form blog content to the latest video content for Instagram Stories, our team of in-house content creators will come up with new and exciting ways to engage your audience and build your following on social media. 

Profile Management

We manage your social media platforms on your behalf, posting regular content and engaging with your followers and other accounts in your niche.

Establishing brand consistency across your channels and building an engaged and loyal following.

Reporting and Analysing

For us to learn from our social strategy we need to monitor and report on the results. With an understanding of how campaigns are performing we will know what content is working and what content is being ignored by your followers.

This data will then become the building blocks of future campaigns.

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