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Does your website make the grade? UX (User Experience) is about designing an experience which increases the percentage of visitors to your website that convert into customers.

We are a web usability & UX agency, driving revenue and engagement through intelligent research, analysis and design.

3 x increase in leads from our website

The UX from Factory Pattern has meant we’re getting even more from our marketing spend.

We are now spending the same amount on PPC as we were 6 months ago, but are getting 3 x increase in leads from our website.

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Outputs to Expect

  • Understanding Conversion Rates on Your Website
    Reports detailing current conversion rates for specific areas of your site
  • How We’ll Improve Your Conversion Rate
    Recommendations for improvements to increase conversion rate
  • Top and bottom performers identified
    Analysis of user and bounce points (where users drop out)

Why UX is Vital for Your Business?

  • Great Return on Investment
    Increase the efficiency of your website and return on investment (ROI)
  • Help your users achieve goals on your website
    Improve the user experience by helping them to achieve their goals in a shorter time
  • Understanding of what we do and why
    Facts and data to back up key decisions about your website

UX Services

Landing Pages

Landing pages can make all the difference to converting traffic to your website (from PPC ads, etc).

A landing page designed with specific, relevant information will give an amazing user experience and increase the amount of online sales or enquiries you get.

A/B Testing

What’s better – a red button, or a green one? A/B and multivariate testing is more than the colour of buttons;

It gives you definitive answers about what improves conversion on websites. A/B testing is the key to continual improvement to your conversion rate.

User Testing

The way to know if your website is understood and easy-to-use is by asking real people.

User testing gives you honest data about the pitfalls and highlights of using your website and we use this data to improve your websites conversion rate.


Why does UX make my marketing spend more effective?

Consider the following scenario:

If your landing page or website were to convert at 10%, you can’t improve the figure by increasing the volume of traffic to it.

You would spend more on getting more traffic but still get the same conversion rate at the end of the day.

However, if you were to spend more money on conversion optimization, you may increase your conversion rate to about 12% and more for months after.

You will incur the cost of our conversion rate services – however, the benefits of improved conversion rates will last for a long time to come.

How much spend on UX (User Experience)?

Or put another way, how much of your marketing budget should you spend on UX (User Experience)?

Before we answer this question, it is important for you to note that using a part of your budget for marketing on UX will help you spend less on the acquisition of each customer.

This is because you won’t have to spend more money looking for more customers. You simply have to turn your current visitors (obtained through your current marketing efforts) into customers.

We recommend spending 30% of your marketing on UX.

How do we charge for UX?

Generally, optimisation programs are charged on monthly retainers.

There are some who charge on hourly rates much more akin to traditional agency models. However, charging on an hourly model renders the program devoid of any kind of value. We’re not solicitors.

The cost is dependant on the amount of traffic you have. The more traffic you have, the more data we have to interpret, the more experiments we can run, the more analysis we do.

Therefore the cost is proportionate to the amount of time we spend on it, which is proportionate to the amount of traffic you have.

But, instead of asking “how much will it cost” have you ever considered how much not hiring a user experience company could cost you?

  • How much are you wasting on paid traffic that simply isn’t converting?
  • How much money are you wasting developing features or improvements that are not converting traffic?

When budgeting, just think for a moment, what would happen if your closest competitor engaged with conversion rate specialists?

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Is UX for B2C or B2B businesses?

The simple answer is both.

Our speciality is working with B2C companies. However, we do have B2B clients as well, that enjoy the benefits of UX.

For B2C business:
UX works great for ecommerce (online shops) and product click-through landing pages and much more.

For B2B business:
UX works well for generating leads for your services.

Customer acquisition and sales can and will be improved through UX.

What if my website is hard to edit, can you design and host landing pages?

Yes. Landing page design and creation is 1 of our core UX services.

If you don’t already have landing pages, we’ll design and create new landing pages.

This service includes:

  • Analysis of the market and your industry to better understand your target audience to design a landing page that is suitable for them.
  • Creation of content for the landing pages. This ensures that your target audience is provided with content that is informative and engaging-prompting them to take action.
  • Designing of landing pages to suit the preferences of the target audience
  • Deployment of the landing pages
  • Ongoing A/B testing and optimisation to improve conversions
  • If it’s a lead generation page, all leads will be recorded and sent directly to you. We can integrate with popular CRMs and email platforms such as Mailchimp

Can you do an audit of my website?

Yes. We can do a free ‘overview’ audit to understand if UX will help.

You’ll receive the audit results and we can discuss doing one-off work or monthly optimisation to improve your conversion rate.

We can also offer a one-off complete website audit (this isn’t free).

The services included in a website audit are:

  • A discussion on the state of your website and what you can do to start optimising your web pages
  • A review of the best practices for user experience
  • A list of actions you can take to improve the conversion rates on your website and an estimation of how they will impact conversions on your website.

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Is UX a standalone service?

Yes. However, you can choose to pay for UX as a stand-alone service or in combination with PPC (Pay-per-click) or SEO(Search Engine Optimisation).

We find UX works great with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services such as PPC advertising with Google or Facebook Ads. Also, we can combine the service with SEO.

If you take care of these services already, we can work alongside you or your marketing agency to increase the value you get from marketing.

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