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Find the gaps that are seriously eroding your online sales and leads

UX Research helps to reduce unknowns, and creates a solid foundation to build the right thing in the most effective way and turn your website visitors into loyal customers.

Within 3 working days, get a website audit with actionable advice to improve your conversion rate.

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UX Research - the only way to consistently convert website visitors into sales

There’s a growing realisation that online success comes from building powerful and compelling User Experience (UX) into your website.

One of the challenges is knowing what’s working, and what’s not, and coming up with new techniques and content to deliver a positive user experience. For this reason, Factory Pattern has created a focused and specialist service to provide in-depth user experience research.

Improve your conversions within 3 days – get a free website audit

Landing Page Design

Why aren’t more of your users turning into customers? We help you find the answers.

Using our innovative and wide-reaching testing of your website performance, you can drill down on how your website visitors behaviour, giving you answers to some of the most crucial questions you face.

  • How do customers interact with your product and services, and the different web pages that guide them to a completed transaction?
  • Where are the gaps and roadblocks in your website that are seriously eroding your conversion rates?
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Open the conversation

Andy, our UX Director, is on hand to answer your questions about UX Research and testing.

UX Research – the only way to consistently convert website visitors into sales

User research is not ‘off the shelf’ or a quick fix for underperforming websites.

Our UX testing, assessment and recommendations will be led by you. What do you need to know, and what improvements do you need to see in your conversion rates?

The science behind UX testing and solutions

Our expertise in researching user experience methods and outcomes is not simply based on our extensive knowledge of all things connected to digital marketing!

Factory Pattern uses advanced techniques to critically analyse your website performance – primarily sophisticated Generative and Evaluative research.

Science Behind UX Research
Science Behind UX Research

UX Research & Testing Services: How it works

Generative Research

Generative UX research

Rapidly discover if an idea will deliver value for your business and customers.

Used to test early stages of a project or validate a redesign of an existing digital asset or service.

Evaluative Research

Evaluative UX research

Discover what’s working and what’s not. Remove roadblocks preventing conversion.

Used when you have an existing product, and you’re trying to evaluate what’s working and what’s not.

Generative Research

Generative UX Research and Testing

In its simplest form, our web experts help you to define any problems you’re having with your website, highlighting the design and functioning flaws and issues which block UX.

Generative UX Research involves looking at areas such as website user habits, online behaviour and attitude.

Innovation workshops

Generate ideas, solve problems and explore opportunities with our high-energy innovation workshops.

Innovation Workshops

User interviews

Interview users who would use your product or service to find out their real problems and needs. Build your product to solve real problems and you’ll truly increase sales.

User Interviews

Ethnographic studies

The aim of an ethnographic study within a usability project is where we observe and/or interact with participants in their real-life environment. This deep interaction means we are able to truly understand the problems your users face and therefore design a far better solution.

Ethnographic studies

Rapid prototyping

The ability to develop and test prototypes at rapid rates of iteration. Quickly get user feedback and make improvements without ever “making the product” until you have things just right. A very valuable way of making a small budget go a long way.

Rapid Prototyping

Value proposition design

It’s important that you communicate a message that helps to fix a pain in your customer’s life. If you can fix a pain, then they’re more likely to buy from you. Our value proposition workshop and design ensures you create and sell products that customers want.

Value Proposition
Evaluative Research

Evaluative UX research

This type of UX research identifies robust and measurably effective design solutions to solve problems your users face.

It builds a clear profile of how users interact with your site design and prototype, including any planned upgrades to a live website.

To get unequivocal evidence of what works and what doesn’t, our evaluative activities and outcomes will include:

A/B Testing

Also known as split testing, is an  experiment where you “split” your audience to test a number of variations of a landing page, or prototype to determine which performs better. In other words, you can show version A of a landing page to one half of your audience, and version B to another.

A B Testing

Screen recording (prototypes or live sites)

Eliminate guesswork with recordings of real user behaviour on your site. See your visitor’s clicks, and identify usability issues they encounter.

Screen Recording

Heat maps

Understand what users want, care about and do on your site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour.

Heat Maps

Preference tests

Help you choose the best variation of a design by getting real people to tell you which one they like best.

Preference Tests

Usability lab testing

Usability testing and user experience research with real people. Users are observed in a specific environment while interacting with a website, product or system. Watching and recording user interacting in our controlled user research lab.

Usability Lab Testing

Shaping and defining improved conversion with UX Research

Optimise your website or products UX – using the intelligence and innovation we provide.

UX research is the only way to be sure that you can consistently convert website visitors into completed transactions.

UX Research

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Open the conversation.

Andy, our UX Director, is on hand to answer your questions.

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The UX Audit includes:

  • Review of 1-2 key sales pages such as an ecommerce product page
  • A PDF UX (user experience) report emailed to you within 24 hrs detailing potential conversion killers
  • Key actions you can take to improve conversions and sales on your website
  • The best email to send the audit to.
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