ROAS Calculator UK

Looking for a ROAS calculator UK? Factory Pattern are here to help you calculate your return on ad spend. It only takes two minutes!

Calculating your ROAS

Enter your Ad spend and Revenue from Ad spend into our calculator above to find out your ROAS (%). We recommend a ROAS above 400% at least, Anything below that and you could be losing money.

How to use the ROAS Calculator

With our ROAS calculator, finding what your return on ad spend is simple. Here’s how:


Enter your ad spend into the ROAS calculator.

This is how much it costs to post an ad on a particular source.


Enter your ad revenue.

This is the amount of profit you have received from posting the advert.


Let the calculations begin.

Press the calculate button to find out your ROAS percentage.

What is a ROAS calculator?

ROAS is your ‘return on ad spend’. Usually displayed as a percentage, your ROAS can help you to gauge the effectiveness and monetary return on your advertising campaigns.

The calculation for PPC ROAS is as follows...

Return on ad spend = total revenue generated by ads, divided by the cost of ad spend.

The results of using our ROAS calculator can help to inform your decision to continue spending money on ads, to change the type of ads you are paying for, or to stop paying for ads altogether.

How to read your ROAS result

ROAS is usually given as a percentage of your original costs of advertising. Out of a 200% ROAS, for example, you will have gained back the cost of your ads, and received the same amount of money in profits.

You should rethink your advertising strategy if your ROAS is under 400% - you're probably losing money from your advertising campaigns due to the additional costs of running ads, such as transaction fees.

It is generally advisable to aim to keep your ROAS above 800% to avoid any losses

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