Website Technology 2019
Web Design

Latest Website Technology For 2019

There’s much talk of the rapid advance of website technology for 2019. Designers and builders are taking the most attention-grabbing and effective developments in emerging tech, to create a new breed of website. It seems like yesterday that the whole concept of a well-functioning website was shiny and new. The idea of embedding video content […]

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Gloucestershire Small Business websites

Why Gloucestershire Small Businesses need a great website

Despite living in the digital age where everybody’s first point of call is the internet, a shocking 1.98 million (34%) of small businesses in the UK currently don’t have an online presence. Losing out on a mammoth £343 billion per year. This means that out of the 50,000 small business’ in Gloucestershire, around 17,000 don’t have […]

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Digital Strategy

Why is nobody buying from my website?

This article explores how you find out why nobody is buying from your website and what you can do to turn things around and gain more business online. Are you getting enough traffic? When figuring out why no one’s buying from your website, the first thing to look at is your website traffic numbers. If […]

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2018 Trending UX Posts
User Experience

3 Trending UX Articles from 2018

As we enter 2019, we’re taking a look back at the 3 most popular articles on our site, as read by you our dear readers. From design principles to best practices, our most popular articles offer practical advice on how to improve your ecommerce website and digital platforms using UX design. Enjoy. 5 Principles of […]

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WooCommerce Password Reset Loop
How to

WooCommerce Password Reset Loop Issue

A client of ours had complaints that customers were trying to reset their password, but when they received an email to change the password, they kept getting sent back to the password reset page :/ Customers got stuck in a password reset loop and couldn’t change their password. Nightmare 🙁 Spoiler alert: Sendgrid causes the […]

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How do I calculate my conversion rate?
User Experience

Calculate Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Despite all the talk about fierce competition and the need to drive up sales, it’s surprising how many UK businesses still overlook an important measurement of their online success – conversion rate. Skip to the conversion rate calculation formula Having a smart and attractive website and a healthy level of site traffic is not enough. […]

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Ecommerce sell more

How to Help Your ECommerce Website Sell More

Have you got an eCommerce website that attracts substantial visitor numbers, without achieving the sales levels you’re aiming for? If the answer is yes, then you’re far from alone! Your website is one of 1.8 billion. If you have managed to design and signpost your website well enough to attract satisfactory traffic, you could consider […]

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