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Are you driven and ambitious? Looking for a genuinely unique opportunity to join a high-growth, digital consultancy? If so, we have 2 job vacancies that might be just right for you.

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Our work

Our proven approach helps you realise the true potential of digital for your ecommerce. From ecommerce to digital platforms, our services help our clients gain ROI through our UX approach. Here are a few key projects that highlight the results of our work.


User Experience Design and Strategy to increase sales and customer loyalty for independent eyewear brand Melon Optics.


Working with Coconut Merchant on Facebook/Instagram campaigns, SEO and PPC driving a 400% return on ad spend.


UX Design, Email Marketing and PPC increasing sales and customer loyalty for independent skincare brand The Edinburgh Natural Skincare.

About us

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Since 2008 we've been creating positive & profitable digital experiences that unlock new possibilities for our lovely clients


What we do

Our digital marketing services help you increase your web traffic, business leads & revenue using PPC, Email Marketing and Social Media. Whilst increasing your conversion (sales) rate on site through creative, user friendly web design and development.


Great website experiences

Giving your website visitors a great experience. Helping them to become happy, loyal customers so you can smash your sales goals.


Years of development experience

Building a flexible digital framework on WooCommerce or Shopify, to support your online business now and in the future.


Result driven strategies

Growing your online business with carefully crafted paid media campaigns and results driven strategies. 


Increasing, sustainable growth

As an Ecommerce SEO agency we increase your organic website traffic month-on-month, giving you increasing, sustainable growth.

This is us

We're a digital & UX

Since 2008, we’ve been working with organisations who understand the need for digital and want to grow their business.

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Opinion, advice on Web Design, User Experience & Digital Marketing. Plus, all our tales from the Factory Floor

What is 3D Visualisation? How to use it for Ecommerce

24 / May, 2022
So, what is 3D visualisation? 3D visualisation refers to anything that is created, or in the world of 3D “rendered” using software specifically designed for that purpose. It’s common that most p...

What Ecommerce SEO Services Do You Need?

17 / May, 2022
Although all ecommerce websites could benefit from a thorough SEO strategy, figuring out what specific services your website is crying out for is a different matter. Not to worry though, as we’ll be...

Website Copywriting – Best Practices and Examples

10 / May, 2022
It’s well known that good copy can make websites clearer and more impactful; from describing a product to the creation of your brand voice.  If you find yourself asking, what is good copy? and how ...

Design Inspo Alert! 🚨🚨🚨

💭 Imagine it’s the year 3000 and all the annoying experiences of bad design are a distant memory, long been fixed by designers of old…

‘The Museum of Annoying Experiences’ is a hilarious take on all the problems littering the current digital workplace. Not only is it an extremely satisfying website to click through, it’s also inspired us to start thinking about what can be designed by our generations to make annoying experiences a thing of the past. 😎🙌
#design #designinspo #baddesign #museumofannoyingexperiences #factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency

Today, we’re celebrating National Train Day with Dan (our Web Developer). Trains are his favourite! 🚂

Dan’s been working hard this week, so he deserved a little treat in the form of a tiny train!👏 🎉

It was ‘Dev hard, play hard (with train sets)' down at FP HQ yesterday… choo choo!

#nationaltraintay #fortheloveoftrains #webdeveloperlife #livingyourbestlife #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart

Real or a render?

Put your answers in now… *drum roll please* 🥁🥁🥁…

…It’s a RENDER! 🤯

This mind blowing 3D render was created by our designer Sam. 👏 We’re all so excited to be launching 3D services to provide our clients with photorealistic product images that jump from the page - just as much as this one does. 😎
To find out more about 3D Services, get in touch with us or keep your eye peeled 👀 for a blog post this month, and a new 3D services page appearing on our site soon. 💻

#3Dservices #isitreal #factorypattern #onlinebusiness #workingwell

Meet Nell, our new copywriter! 👩
She joined the Factory Pattern team in March and is a big Doctor Who fan. Nell's favourite Doctor Who quote is: "You want weapons? We're in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room's the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself!" 📚

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency #doctorwhofans

Happy birthday to our Chief Dog Officer, Baxter! 🐕🎉
We've asked the team to share the reasons why they love him so much 🥰

⏰ George - The fact that he's made it 14 years old has got to be my most favourite thing about Baxter. And how he's like my own personal alarm clock. He actually tells me when it's time to get the kids from school!
🐶 Andy - Baxter (my loyal sidekick) shares my morning routine with me. First he wakes up to my 5am alarm and has a little cutch in bed. Then he joins me on the sofa and lies by my side, as I plan my day and enjoy a morning brew.
🥥 Olivia - The way he looks like a coconut
🤗 Annie - The way he jumps up on your lap for a cuddle
🐾 Sam - His work ethic as the Chief Dog Officer, and his little toe beans
🗑 Dan - How much he cares about minimising food waste with his bin diving antics
🐽 Niamh - His little nose is very cute
😊 Nell - It makes me happy to see how nice Baxter's life is
☕️ Becca - How much he enjoys finishing off your cup of tea

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency #officedog

Say hi to Niamh, our Junior Account Manager 👋

Niamh joined us in March and one of her favourite films is Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Her favourite quote is "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it" ✨

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency

Is your website hosting green? 🌿👩‍💻
For every WordPress site that we host, we use @NimbusHosting who are part of the Green Web Foundation. This means that Nimbus Hosting uses green (renewable) energy for its services as well as other sustainable practices. 🍃
This is important for us, as it is often something overlooked in day-to-day operations, yet can help reduce your company's environmental impact in a simple way.
Check if your website is hosted green using the Green Web Foundation tool 👉 https://ed.gr/dzej2

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency #greenhosting #nimbushosting #thegreenwebfoundation

Factory Pattern has helped plant 100 trees and reduce 2 tonnes of carbon! 🎉

We've partnered with Ecologi to contribute to the climate problem in a positive way. We're doing this by donating a % of our profits made on each project towards planting trees, reducing our carbon footprint, and supporting Sustainable Development Goals 🌿🌍

Whilst this is a step in the right direction, we're committed to learning other ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Comment any ideas below that have helped you become more environmentally-friendly!

P.S. You can see our Ecologi profile here 👉 https://ed.gr/dzejm 🌱

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency #ecologi

Kenny is our Lead Web Developer and his favourite movie (although he calls it a documentary) is Jurassic Park 🦖. In fact, anything to do with dinosaurs will grab Kenny's attention. 👀

Kenny's advice to aspiring web developers is: "Imposter syndrome is not something to fear. Never worry if you feel out of your depth, it’s never a bad thing, it means you're trying to develop your skills."

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency

Sam is not only our Designer, he's also our in-house Marvel expert. He even has a Spiderman notebook that he absolutely treasures. 🕸

Sam's advice for aspiring Designers is: "Never be afraid to experiment with your work or make mistakes, some of the best ideas come out of these areas where most are afraid to venture. Unexplored avenues can lead to potentially great ideas and outcomes being missed."

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency

Welcoming in the Spring is our web developer Dan, our own personal ray of sunshine. 🌞

Dan is a simple man - give him a tin of beans and take him to the train station and he'll be happy as Larry. We asked Dan what bit of advice he'd give to aspiring web developers, here's what he said, "Don't try and learn everything all at once or you'll burn out. Build yourself a set of skills you can get really good at first and that will help you learn different technologies."

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency #Spring

Since you've met the amazing women behind Factory Pattern, it's only right we introduce you to the amazing men too! Each week we'll introduce a member of our team and ask them to share some helpful advice for aspiring and fellow people in their industry.

👉 Meet Andy, the co-founder and director of Factory Pattern, as well as the User Experience expert. 😎 I managed to drag him away from skateboarding and Carhartt shopping long enough to share some advice for fellow ecommerce agencies...

"A key piece of advice I'd give to any ecommerce agency would be to understand your client's customer needs. Do this by working on your client's customer service / help desk for a day or 2. Doing this helps you to hear from your customer's customers. When you understand what customers want, then you can deliver what they need and this in turn helps build a better and more profitable business for your clients."

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency

We've loved shining a spotlight on the talented women behind Factory Pattern this week and hope you've enjoyed learning more about us too. We also want to shoutout the men behind Factory Pattern who help to create a friendly and supportive environment for us women to thrive in.
At the end of a day, the success of Factory Pattern relies on teamwork and collaboration, which we're pretty good at. 😏 (Even if the men are still sore losers after the women's victory at the Crystal Maze.)

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency #internationalwomensday #womensday #IWD2022

Happy day 4 of celebrating the women behind Factory Pattern 🙌
Today we'd like you to meet Annie - the person behind this account, and an avid crocheter and dog lover. If our office dog Baxter ever goes missing, Annie is definitely the culprit. 🧶🐶

👉 Annie is our Digital Marketing Executive and her advice for aspiring digital marketers is, "I recommend you sign up to relevant industry newsletters for valuable insights, tools, and research that can be a great source of inspiration. My favourites (after the Factory Pattern newsletter of course) are: Ariyh, tl;dr Marketing, Aleyda Solis' #SEOFOMO, Stacked Marketer, and Shoto."

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency #internationalwomensday #womensday #IWD2022

It's day 3 of us celebrating the women behind Factory Pattern in honour of International Women's Day. We'd love to introduce you to Becca Stanley, our amazing Account Manager. A Home Bargains enthusiast (affectionately referred to as homey-Bs) but with the grace and decorum of royalty. 👸

👉 Becca's advice to aspiring Account Managers is, "To understand your individual clients needs in detail. No one client is alike. Providing a personalised relationship is key to client happiness and growing relationships".

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency #internationalwomensday #womensday #IWD2022

Happy International Women's Day! 💃✨ It's day 2 of our celebration of the women behind Factory Pattern this week, allow us to introduce you to Olivia Buckley, the woman that has an entire list dedicated to words that she finds icky. 😅

👉 Olivia is our talented designer and her advice to aspiring designers is, "Stay curious and explore new things, whether it be learning new creative specialisms and skills, or discovering new design work on creative sites. I particularly enjoy reading Design Week, It's Nice That, and Creative Review".

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency #internationalwomensday #womensday #IWD2022

In honour of International Women's Day on the 8th March, we'll be using this week to shine a spotlight on the women behind Factory Pattern where they can share advice to fellow women already in or aspiring to be in the industry. 🤩

👉 Introducing Georgina Thorne, a co-founder and director of Factory Pattern. George is a woman of many hats, as she's also head of HR and Content, as well as mum to two lovely boys and office dog, Baxter. George's advice to fellow women in the ecommerce agency industry is: "The best advice I can give my fellow ladies in this industry is to work with good people. People that push you, keep you curious and inspire you. My skills have evolved over the years, but having a strong team has been fundamental to our growth."

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency #internationalwomensday #womensday #IWD2022

Have you met our CDO (Chief Dog Officer), Baxter? He really knows how to work the camera... 🐕📸

#factorypattern #ecommerceblog #ecommerce #ecommerceadvice #onlinebusiness #workingwell #workingsmart #digitalagency #ecommerceagency #officedog

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