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Improve Your Add To Basket Conversion Rate in 4 Steps

Our free course on improving your add to basket (also known as add to cart) rate will equip you with the understanding and knowledge of the ecommerce UX principles and design elements needed for a top performing product page. Backed with real world examples, we’ll unpack how you can plan, implement, and execute a solid strategy to improve not only your add to basket rate, but also your ecommerce conversion rate. Read more about our add to basket (ATB) course topics, course summary and what to expect below.

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Easy 4 Step Course

Detailed Checklists

Real World Examples

Course Topics

Introduction - Why knowing your ATB rate is so important

The 3 stages of purchasing - What are people thinking when they head to your product pages?

The Product page explained - The centrepiece of your ecommerce site

The Buy Area - Guiding your customers to complete their purchase

Product Images - How to make product images that convert

Product Descriptions - How to write product descriptions and reviews

Shipping & Returns - Crucial information to aid your customers purchasing decisions

Course Summary

In this course, you’ll learn key strategies and practical applications to improve your add to basket rate. We’ll show real world successful examples and unpack how you can use their tactics yourself.

Conversion Rates

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to plan, implement, and execute for the highest conversion rates from start to finish.

Purchasing Stages

You will be introduced to the 3 purchasing stages your users may be at and explore the vital areas on your product pages that should be updated to help more people buy your products, whatever stage they’re at.

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What you get

Easy 4 step course

If you’re not hitting that magic 11% (of users adding products to their basket), chances are your ecommerce product pages need some attention. The secret is knowing how to improve your add to basket rate.

That’s why we’ve broken down the 4 key steps that will help you get your buyers over the proverbial line, to add products to their basket and convert.

We cover 4 main topics including: 

  1. The Buy Area
  2. Product Images
  3. Product Descriptions & Reviews
  4. Shipping & Returns 

You will learn the best practices for each of these topics - to give your ATB rates a boost from the get-go.

Real world examples

Real-world case studies and images are used to provide extra reassurance, and to guide you through the course step by step.

Written by ecommerce UX experts

We know what we’re talking about! Our UX experts have trialled and tested these methods personally, so you can trust us to give you the right information.

Detailed checklists

At the end of each topic, we provide detailed checklists, so you can be sure you aren’t missing anything that may be hindering your ATB rates.

Access for life

Download once, keep it forever... This course can see you through a lifetime of ATB solutions and soaring profits.

Tommy Crooks

Founder, The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co

This course is excellent for someone looking to upgrade their design and UX skills. All the content is very informative and engaging. Everything is explained with examples and checklists are also provided to help with putting theory into practice. It's definitely worth it.

Download your free course and start improving your add to basket rate today

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Meet your Teacher

Andy - specialist in ecommerce website design and UX at factory pattern
Andy - specialist in ecommerce website design and UX at factory pattern

This course has been developed by a team of experienced UX designers who have been working with organisations who want to grow their business online. Specialising in ecommerce UX design since 2008, their expertise have evolved through extensive research and analysis. Their goal is to create an easy, logical and enjoyable Ecommerce User Experiences that results in increased revenue and sales.

Andy Thorne
Director/UX Consultant

Olivia Buckley
UX Designer

Download your free course and start improving your add to basket rate today

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