Ecommerce Websites

From the simplest ecommerce website to the most complex online product; you can trust our years of experience and expertise in web development to design & develop a site for you that stands out and ultimately converts visitors into sales.

An Ecommerce Site To Transform Your Business

Whether you have an existing site, or need a completely new ecommerce website, we can develop and deliver a bespoke solution to help you stand out from your competitors, reach a wider audience and generate revenue for your business.

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Generate A Return On Investment

We design and develop your website with your goals at the forefront of our mind. Before we work on your site, we work with you to define your goals and create a website which meets or exceeds them. This ensures that the website you invest in gives you a significant, ongoing return.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

No two companies are the same, therefore no two websites should be the same. We design your website so that it is as unique as your company is. Your website is created to suit your visitors and to meet the specific needs of your business.

Built For Now And The Future

Websites shouldn’t stand still - those that do become outdated and lose traffic. We develop your website to suit your business needs now and in the future, building it on a flexible open sourced platform.

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The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co

How we helped The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company increase their ecommerce sales by 138.34% with our Ecommerce UX services.

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March, 2021

Ecommerce Web Design: How to Stand Out

The key to great ecommerce web design and making your store stand out isn’t so much about being outrageous with your design, it’s about 2 key elements: usability and aesthetics. Making your site easy to use requires simple functionality and an uncomplicated design.

Client Testimonials

Tommy Crooks

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co.

"Working with Andy, Becca and the rest of the team has been a pleasure and a very insightful experience. We've been with Factory Pattern for over a year for the simple reason that they understand our professional requirements and they're highly reliable, not to mention cool headed.

We're happy to give them a wholehearted recommendation to anyone looking for a top class digital media team."

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How does ecommerce website design differ from other website design?

Ecommerce websites are more complex than typical informational or brochure websites. Adding in functionality to allow customers to buy products, leave reviews and host promotional events adds layers of complexity to your website and requires more considerations in terms of user experience and development work.

What are the considerations when you design an ecommerce website?

We use a range of techniques including UX best practices, fast site speed, and meeting users needs & expectations.