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UX Research is the only way to consistently convert website visitors into sales. User research is not ‘off the shelf’ or a quick fix for underperforming websites. Instead, it is led by what you need to know, and what improvements you need to see in your conversion rates.

Critically Analyse Your Website Performance To Improve Conversion Rates

We use a combination of sophisticated generative and evaluative research, as well as the right UX research tools, to find the gaps that are seriously eroding your online sales and leads. UX research helps to reduce unknowns, and creates a solid foundation to build the right strategy in the most effective way way; turning your website visitors into loyal customers.

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Quickly Discover If An Idea Will Deliver Value

Using generative research, we test the early stages of a project or validate a redesign of an existing digital asset or service, to establish whether an idea will deliver value to both your business and your customers. Generative UX research involves looking at areas such as website user habits, online behaviour and attitude.

Remove Any Roadblocks That Prevent Conversion

When you have an existing product we evaluate it to discover what’s working and what’s not. Build a clear profile of how users interact with your site design and prototype, including any planned upgrades to a live website, and identify effective solutions to solve your users problems.

Shape & Define Improved Conversions

Optimise your website or product's UX using the intelligence and innovation we provide. UX research is the only way to be sure that you can consistently convert website visitors into completed transactions.

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UX Research for Safe Industrial

How UX Research uncovered underperforming areas on Safe Industrial

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January, 2020

Is Website user research necessary?

You might know your website inside out, but do your visitors feel the same? Don’t assume you know what your potential customers need from your site, do your user research and find out. I can guarantee it will lead to higher conversion rates.

Client Testimonials


Safe Industrial

The company I work for has been using Factory Pattern for a long time now; their expertise in SEO and eCommerce has significantly helped to improve the traffic and conversions on our website. The company is now ranking on the first page of Google for competitive key terms too. They have shown detailed care and attention to improving the website's overall UX, and are always willing to listen to even the most minor of changes. Content creation (blogs) has also been a great addition to our website and social platforms. They are an extremely friendly bunch - I have liaised with Andy and Becca regularly and they are both great people, as are the rest of the team! I would highly recommend Factory Pattern to anyone.

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How will user research improve my website?

User research (UX research) is a fundamental part of making your website successful. By optimising your site's navigation, mapping customer journeys, improving mobile experience and identifying obstacles your users face, you can drastically improve the experience of your site. If your site is easier to use, users are more likely to complete purchases and your revenue will increase.

Why is user research important?

User research acts a strong foundation for your design strategy. Without a solid understanding of your target audience and their needs, you cannot create a great user experience. Couple this with user testing for a complete user experience picture.