PPC Audits For Ecommerce Websites

Are your PPC campaigns struggling to generate sales? Our PPC Audits For Ecommerce Websites help you unlock the potential for digital advertising.

Understand What’s Working - And What’s Not

PPC Audits For Ecommerce websites help you understand the impact of your PPC advertising, while also identifying areas that need addressing.

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Unbiased And Objective PPC Audits

Our PPC audits for ecommerce websites are completely unbiased and objective. Our feedback is designed to help you understand your campaigns - not to win us work.

Unlock The Full Potential Of Your PPC Advertising

As well as identifying areas of concern, our PPC Audits will also provide you with a list of actionable insights so that you can improve your campaigns.

PPC Audits Help Limit Wasted Spend

Wasted advertising spend can kill your revenue. We’ll identify areas of your PPC campaigns that are wasting money - and advise better ways to spend that money.

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Coconut Merchant - PPC Advertising Audit

An audit of Coconut Merchant’s existing pay-per-click advertising allowed us to identify areas for improvement and increase ROAS to 4x.

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Ali Shariat

Coconut Merchant

Dedicated and super friendly

The team at Factory Pattern are not only dedicated, but they're also super friendly and great to work with. Thanks team!

PPC Marketing Team

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Annie Malham

Digital Marketer

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What is a PPC audit?

A PPC audit is a comprehensive review and analysis of your pay-per-click adverts. We will assess each campaign and its performance, to make decisions on how to optimise.

Why are PPC audits important?

PPC audits help to find the faults and areas for growth in your PPC campaigns. This can lead to discovering where you can better follow PPC best practices, in order to increase your ROAS score (Return On Ad Spend).