Competitor Analysis For SEO

A competitor analysis for SEO is a vital tool for ecommerce businesses, as it provides insight into the search engine results page for your target keywords and spots any opportunities for growth.

How a Competitor Analysis For SEO Audit helps your organic traffic grow

Ecommerce businesses can greatly benefit from competitor analysis as it helps identify areas of growth for their business in organic search.

Identify Your SERPs Competitors

A Competitor Analysis For SEO focuses on the search-engine results page (SERPs), rather than your physical competitors. We want to identify who you are competing against on the SERPs for your target keywords.

Build Your Backlink Profile

One important stage of the competitor analysis process is to analyse your competitors’ backlink profile. This is valuable as it identifies any broken links that you can take advantage of, but also pinpoints authoritative domains that you should target for outreach. 

Opportunities for Growth

Our Competitor Analysis for SEO spots opportunities for organic growth and provides you with actionable insights to outperform your competitors. 

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Blushes - SEO Competitor Analysis for Salon Group

Blushes tasked us with improving their organic search performance, increasing non-brand keyword rankings and organic traffic for each of their locations.

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Client Testimonials

Georgia Faulkner

Marketing Director, Blushes

The focus on results and data from Andy and the team has been a real asset for the Blushes marketing.

From analysing what our competitors are doing, to breaking down our marketing goals into actionable insights, we thoroughly enjoy working with the FP team on fresh new website content and SEO. We regularly meet to delve deeper into the performance of our website and find ways that we can improve our client user experience.

SEO Team

Annie Malham

Digital Marketer

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What’s a competitor analysis?

A competitor analysis is the process of identifying your competitors, their marketing strategies, and their strengths and weaknesses. This is essential when looking to enhance your own business strategies, and allows you to compete with, or gain an edge over, others in your sector.

How do you conduct a competitor analysis?

Come to Factory Pattern! We will take you through all the stages of completing a thorough competitor analysis, from identifying your competitors, to analysing their online presence, to identifying their strengths and weaknesses, (plus much more!)