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4 reasons to include Live Chat on your website

Andy Thorne
4 reasons to include Live Chat on your website

Is there anyone there? Chatbots help you to engage directly with individual customers. This can boost sales by improving your sites overall user experience, particularly as website users now demand instant answers. We share four insights on Live Chat advantages.

It’s human nature to respond better to one-to-one discussions. So, it’s commercial common sense to include in-person exchanges on your website whenever possible, to underpin a positive customer user experience.

Fortunately, technology has made it easy to connect a sales representative with your website users, via Live Chat support software.

Using this option increases response rates to your website. This is even true when people are aware that they’re talking to a chatbot and getting automated answers. Imagine how effective it is when you offer an actual person to answer immediate questions in real-time.

In fact, you don’t have to imagine it, as we’re about to show you four reasons why you need Live Chat on your website!

1. Live Chat is convenient for your customers

live chat convenience

Live Chat is a great method of answering those queries in live time!

Over 41% of people expect to have a Live Chat option when they visit pages, and this grows to 50% on mobile technology. It fits in with the public’s passion for instant, personalised responses, and getting answers ‘on the go’.

It also dovetails with the growing trend towards voice-activated searches and website queries. If they can interrogate your website while driving or carrying out some other task, it’s considered highly advantageous.

Clearly, the public has moved away from emailing companies to get information. It feels like too much effort. Even the notion of making telephone calls has seriously fallen out of favour in an age of instant digital communication!

Instead, consumers want to be able to click on a page button or issue a voice command to get an instant response. Whether it’s help to find a product, someone to answer a personal query or information on delivery and other important user experience questions.

The alternative is users visiting your pages, then clicking straight off due to lack of clarity or simple impatience.

2. Increasing opportunities for sales

Opportunity for sales

Answering queries can increase your conversion rate, being able to provide real time answers is a success.

With an instant answer comes an instant action and an increased chance of a positive transaction.

Low attention spans are a common feature of modern consumerism. So, don’t kid yourself that being quick to answer online forms and emails can compete with Live Chat.

Especially if your chatbot technology creates instant rapport 24/7 from automated responses, then passes queries on to live sales personnel when they are available or as the query becomes more complex.

This quick response creates a seamless transition to the transaction page. Or, signposts users to a product that best matches their specifications.

Contrast that to a much starker automated email response, then having to wait for someone to ring you or email further information. The potential for abandoned shopping baskets and other lost sales is substantial!

3. Improving overall website user experience

Overall website experience

Your overall website user experience is key to keeping customers engaged and on your site.

We all know how much of modern marketing relies on User Experience (UX) and the demand to be treated as an individual.

Live chat enables a level of personal response and engagement that ‘flatters’ consumers and shows them that you care about their individual pains and gains.

We have explored user experience, building brand loyalty and supporting business growth in previous blogs, including the importance of creating strong, purposeful content.

Your Live Chat technology supports user experience brilliantly, creates highly responsive and effective site navigation and builds your relationship with consumers. Making it far more likely that they will return to your website and recommend it to others.

4. Understanding your customer needs better

Understanding customers user experience

Answering these real time queries will help you gather information as a business, understanding your customers needs can influence long term site development.

Using chatbot technology also stimulates vital marketing intel for you. Live Chat facilities can be structured to ask pertinent questions from users, and automated systems can seek automated feedback.

However, even at a basic level, chat platforms create fertile marketing data. For example, what products are most regularly discussed and where are the gaps in your product profiles that engender the need to ask questions? Which aspects of delivery seem to create confusion, resulting in queries in Live Chat?

This sort of business intelligence can help you to update your website, improve delivery details or change product stock levels for example.

How to install chatbots

Live Chat is not just for the major players!

There are now many automated and Live Chat platforms to help improve instant rapport for all types and sizes of companies. Some basic chat plugins can be added to a website quickly, at no cost to you!

Live Chat is more complex to set up, but the ROI and overall user experience can be considerable.

To find the right scalable, practical and affordable chat technology for your company, give us a call (it will be a human who answers).

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