Social Media Marketing

Do you want to engage with your customers on social media? Factory Pattern can help. Our ecommerce social media marketing helps you stop the scroll by engaging customers across Facebook, Instagram and more.

Ecommerce Social Media

Tailored social media campaigns for ecommerce brands. We know how to raise awareness of your brand and drive traffic to your product pages.

Community Management

Community management is an important part of building your brand and providing solid customer service.

Social Media Design

Our designers create social media designs that engage your users. Our many years of experience helps us understand what works, and what doesn’t.

Influencer Marketing

We can help you identify and collaborate with the right influencers for your brand and sector. We won’t waste your money on influencers that aren’t relevant to you.

Social Media Audits

Want to identify why your social media campaigns aren’t performing? Our social media audit creates an actionable report to improve your accounts.

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