GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy for Your Website
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Heroes, WordPress Swing in With a GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy for Your Website

In their latest update to WordPress, Automattic (creators of WordPress) have kindly created a GDPR proof privacy policy. This is very generous and an important step toward the future. Not only have WordPress added a GDPR proof privacy policy template, but they’ve also included a privacy section within WordPress itself, which asks you to define […]

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7 Reasons Why an ECommerce Marketing Agency is the Secret Ingredient to Rocketing Your Sales

Countless companies currently not using an eCommerce marketing agency find themselves scratching their heads when looking at their website performance data. It’s common to find large numbers of visitors, yet still have sales figures well below targets. It could be worse. There is the scenario when you’ve heavily investing in a polished, all-singing marketing campaign […]

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Ecommerce Best Practices
Ecommerce, User Experience

8 Ecommerce UX Best Practices You Need to Implement in 2018

Summary: This article outlines 8 ecommerce UX best practices you need to implement in 2018 to ensure your online store isincreasing revenue month-on-month and your customers are happy. The primary challenge for every ecommerce business is converting website visitors into paying customers. If you’re offering products or services which people want and like, then you […]

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The UX of PPC
PPC, User Experience

The UX of PPC – How to Get Maximum Value From Your Ads

Once someone clicks your latest Google or Facebook ad, how can you be sure that you’ll convert them into a customer? Understanding the UX of PPC and how UX (User Experience) works for PPC (Pay-Per-Click Ads) is vital in turning your website visitors into sales. The UX of PPC – How UX Improves Your Pay-Per-Click […]

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Principles of UX Design
User Experience

5 Principles of UX Design That You Should be Using in 2018

Here’s 5 Principles of UX Design that will ensure a great customer experience for your website visitors. One thing many people working in the design industry have come to realise is the constantly changing nature of the world. While technology may be considered to have an impact on other enterprises, communication methods and customer interaction […]

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Populate Textarea in Unbounce Landing Page
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How to Populate a Textarea in Unbounce Landing Page Forms

How To Populate Textarea Unbounce Landing Pages Forms and set default text to make forms easier to use for your users. 9 simple steps on how to prefill Unbounce Landing Page forms with Javascript. Unbounce is a great tool for creating landing pages. One of the reasons it’s so great is because of the easy-to-use […]

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