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Why you should keep updating your website

Quick! Think of some random piece of industry news, cobble together a blog, then upload it! There, you’ve got a website that’s constantly updated. Job done. Or is it? Let’s explore the importance of why you should keep your website updated regularly. Which is worse; a website full of news from 2012 or a website […]

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Dansaki logo

Dansaki Branding Process

Dansaki wanted branding which represented their Afro-Caribbean restaurant, whilst feeling modern and elegant. It was important to capture the essence of the culture authentically without relying on cliched imagery. Research The research process was crucial for us to gain an in-depth understanding of what Dansaki was looking for to ensure we created something that was […]

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User Experience

Why UX research is important

Is your website sufficiently geared towards your bona fide customer base, and is it driving a strong enough sales performance? In this article, we explore why UX research is the only way to truly improve your website and create better online experiences for our customers. Treating customers as individuals There are almost eight billion people […]

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Web Design

How to start out designing websites

Not all the one billion websites in existence were created by established agencies and consummate professionals! In fact, there are some highly impressive sites crafted by digital marketing ‘newbies’ and fledgeling freelancers. Or even by business start-ups who went the ‘DIY’ route! The team at Factory Pattern love sharing our passion and insights for all […]

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