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5 FAQs about WordPress development – answered

Andy Thorne
5 FAQs about WordPress development – answered

Often people ask us why we think WordPress development is the key to building amazing websites. In a nutshell – the WordPress platform is the most flexible and intuitive platform to develop upon, and on a daily basis, it’s very easy to use. Both of these reasons benefit us and clients.

WordPress benefits us because we have a consistently solid platform to build upon that’s supported by a worldwide community.

WordPress benefits clients because of it’s flexible architecture and ease-of-use.

I’m sure a there are a lot of people that will agree and disagree with me for many reasons. So, here’s a few frequently asked questions about developing with WordPress – which will hopefully help you decide which platform to have your next website built upon.

1. Isn’t WordPress just like any other templated site out there?

Yes. WordPress is built upon a templated structure, but that doesn’t limit how your site will look and feel, or does it mean that every WordPress site will look the same. It’s down to web designers and developers to create a design that’s unique to you and fulfils your requirements. One the design is in place, WordPress’ template structure gives us an industry leading platform to build on top of. The template – “A pattern or gauge, used as a guide in making something accurate.”

2. But WordPress is free, doesn’t that mean it’s cheap and ‘un-professional’?

No. WordPress is an open source software. It is free in the sense of freedom not in the sense of free beer. What is the difference? Open Source software comes with freedom for you to use, modify and build upon. The cost comes from developing the theme (look and feel) and the functionality that your site requires.

3. Is WordPress a blogging platform?

Yes – but when it also comes with an amazing content management system, straight out of the box, so you can not only publish posts but an unlimited amount of pages. Plus, other features such as the media library, multiple user accounts, discussion tools such as blog commenting means it’s a thorough-bred, content managed beast – ready to be turned into a business-to-business site, an online shop, a forum… The list goes on.

4. Is WordPress secure?

One of the subjects “against” WordPress is that hackers can break in to your Web site. But, the exact opposite is in fact true: If you have the right people involved in the setup of your WordPress installation, your blog site can be hacker-proofed even more securely than a traditional Web site. Plus, if you’re in need of extra protection – there’s even a process to “hardening” a WordPress installation.

5. Should you be using WordPress for your site?

When people ask me this, my answer is as follows “Tell me your wants and needs, I’ll recommend the best online software for your site… But 99.99% of the time, I struggle to find a platform that’s better than WordPress.”