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9 Reasons to invest in a bespoke WordPress website

Andy Thorne
9 Reasons to invest in a bespoke WordPress website

The best websites are ones that perform well, meeting your goals brilliantly and consistently. A bespoke website is the only route to go to achieve this. In this article we’ve listed 9 reasons why you should consider a bespoke WordPress website.

Having a website that looks great is not enough. Particularly if its appearance is very similar to a lot of other sites.

Also, you need to be certain that your website is easy to update and generally interact with on a regular basis.

For many people, the website platform that ticks all the right boxes is one “made to order” on

It’s why WordPress is currently supporting an impressive 26% of what you see online! In the
past six months, there were over 1.1 million WordPress domains registered to new users.

Let’s explore nine reasons to invest in a bespoke WordPress website.

Sketch of a bespoke WordPress website

WordPress is completely bespoke allowing each site to have a new and fresh design personal to them and their company.

1. User friendly

User friendly is a term banded around freely but it certainly applies to WordPress. Not least as you can manage your website from any device. As it is browser-based, you can log on and make changes from anywhere, at any time.

WordPress also has a well laid out dashboard that supports quick and stress-free navigation,
enabling you to manage updates and customer relations easily. You can also have multiple
users authorised to make changes.

Factory Pattern showing SEO Potency

Creating a software to be more user friendly will allow more users to understand the process of website development and building.

2. Websites designed to match

Template-based website platforms tend to be restrictive and “generic”.
How many times have you visited a new website, then decided it looks vaguely familiar?

A bespoke WordPress site ensures that your organisation can truly stand out.
Your site will be developed to match your specific brand identity and marketing message.

As there are now 1.94 billion websites in existence, having an authentically
unique digital profile can be the difference between “having a website” and “having a website that works!”

3. SEO potency

Whether you’re an advanced practitioner of SEO techniques or a complete novice, it’s
reassuring to know that a bespoke WordPress site has built-in abilities to meet
Google’s ever-changing search requirements.

To back this up, Matt Cutts, who used to head up Google’s webspam team, has been
quoted as saying: “Sites built with WordPress are capable of ranking higher in search results because the CMS takes care of 80-90% of Google’s crawling issues.”

Hard to argue with that little nugget of intel!

Screen showing Google Analytics from a website

With SEO Potency it allows you to keep track of your site and how it ranks within google, this including statistics such as total clicks, impressions and averages. Photo by Web Hosting on Unsplash

4. Performs brilliantly

One of the keys to success for websites is having the right balance between content and
functionality, and ease of use for your potential customers.

An over complicated layout – or a set of “whistles and bells” in the features – can make your site slow to load and clunky to navigate around.

WordPress has built its success on bespoke profiles, that perform really well.
They are faster to load and more agile for navigation than many alternatives. This underpins better lead conversion rates.

5. Self-contained website system

WordPress really is the “complete package” for creating a bespoke website, cheaply.
It doesn’t require additional investment in HTML editing software for example.
It’s all you need to upload new content, create new pages, blog or create audio or video files.

WordPress offers a vast menu of options to tailor it to your daily business needs and goals,

1.3 billion downloadable features, and well over 44,000 plugins
(those handy devices that can add features to your website).

Not that you need to add a raft of these – slowing your website down – to enjoy good
website performance. Even a basic bespoke WordPress site is generally enough for many users, with the addition of just a handful of high-value plugins. WordPress Statistics

6. Mobile optimisation

Showing smartphone to represent phone optimisation

Smartphone optimisation is just as important as your website, with the current statistics mobile phone use-age is ever growing.

According to pundits, by 2025 almost three-quarters of people online will have got there via their smartphone.

Yet it’s quite shocking how many organisations fail to create a website optimised for accessibly on mobile technology!

WordPress has got this covered. Its sites look great and work brilliantly on all devices.


7.Easily scalable and adaptable

WordPress logo representing the scale of a bespoke site

WordPress is a very sophisticated piece of software with many layers, this is what helps create such a bespoke site.

Despite its ease of use, WordPress is deceptively sophisticated. It has layers!

This is important for any organisation which wants a website that can grow and develop to
match their changing goals.

The scalability of WordPress means you can adapt your site ad infinitum.

This contrasts with many website platforms that are restrictive and can quickly lack the sophistication you need to grow your business online.

8. Menu of increased functions

This links to the above point. Bespoke WordPress sites can be as stripped down or complex as you need them to be.

You can add and remove a range of new features quickly, changing whole themes as well as

9. Constantly improving

Part the WordPress agility advantage comes from the fact its developers are always “ahead of the game”.
They update quickly, to constantly improve the options and add-ons for subscribers.

Evidence of this comes from the fact WordPress is a truly global phenomenon.
It is moulding itself to new countries and languages all the time.

71% of all WordPress content is English, but its available in 62 languages!

That was at the time of going to press, as this website platform is adding new language options all the time. WordPress stats

Search engines, mobiles and 75,000,000 existing users love WordPress (21 amazing WordPress stats) So theres a good chance you will too!